The new Insteon Hub Pro

Step by step, Apple is starting to build a strong foundation for connected-home devices. This foundation is called HomeKit and it has the mission to gather around all the devices from the house to be controlled from the user’s phone, with Siri’s help. 

Insteon Hub Pro was probably the first HomeKit-compatible device that was launched on the market and has the ability to control all the devices that are plugged into a socket.

The installation is also very easy, users just have to plug it into their router and Insteon Hub Pro will do all the work by itself. After a couple of seconds, users will be able to control all the devices from their smartphone.

This Insteon Hub Pro is available at the price of 150 dollars and it is a device that will surely have success on the market. Doesn’t everyone dream to turn on the light just by saying “Open the light,” or to open a lamp just with a simple tap on the screen while sitting on the bed? Well, Insteon Hub Pro has the ability to do that and Siri is also there to help. 

Once Insteon Hub Pro is connected to the router, Siri will have full control over them. However, to be added that Insteon Hub Pro is not compatible with all the devices from the house, meaning that it just works with Insteon’s connected light bulbs, dimmers and switches. Motion sensors, camera or leak detectors aren’t compatible yet, probably this will happen in the future.

Insteon has been in this business for a few decades now, meaning that they are very professional and the company is fairly well developed. Its devices have the ability to communicate with one another using dual-mesh signal. Its apps are also very nice and simple and once users will add all their devices to the app, they will be able to control and customize them.

Insteon’s app offers a large variety of options, which will make it easier to control it. This app also has animated icons, like a desk fan that spins when they turn it on. So, Insteon’s app can be used by all the members of the family, due to its user-friendly interface.

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