The new iDevices Thermostat

Probably, the main problem that every thermostat has is its expensive price. Yes, approximately all the thermostats on the market have the price of 250 dollars. So, the new iDevices Thermostat is like a fresh air on the market, because it has a starting price of 150 dollars. 

To be added that iDevices is the company behind Switch and iGrill, both being considered to be solid products on the market.

However, its lower price also comes with lower expectations. Once customers will put their hands on the new iDevices Thermostat, they will probably discover some serious minuses. Why? Because the Thermostat software lacks some major features. 

However, even if the software is capable of Bluetooth connectivity and it will be soon updated, right now, the new iDevices Thermostat is just a simple device that it is not so “smart.” Therefore, the new iDevices Thermostat is probably perfect for those who are willing to invest in Homekit’s future. 

After seeing what recent smart thermostats can do, customers could be disappointed by the new iDevices Thermostat. For starters, this Thermostat requires for users to screw in the wires using a screwdriver that is not included in the package. Now, this seems to be an uncomfortable way to setup the device, compared with the Nest Learning Thermostat that provides nodes for the wires to plug into. To be added that those nodes can be clamp shut with the push of a button.

Moreover, the iDevices Thermostat can be complicated, so there are high chances that users will not make it work from the first time. So, they need to read very carefully the instructions guide. As for design, the Thermostat looks pretty nice, featuring a glossy white face and four buttons around the small rectangular screen. To be mentioned that the buttons are touch sensitive and their placement will offer a nice visual structure to the device.

However, this doesn’t mean that iDevices Thermostat is a bad thermostat. For the price of 150 dollars, this device works well and after it is wired and set up, it will heat and cool the house as well as a more expensive thermostat. 

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