The new iDevices Outdoor Switch

Now that the cold season is coming, the new iDevices Outdoor Switch could be a great gift. We know that when there is cold outside, outdoor lighting setups are like a challenge for every member of the family. 

Usually, the bravest member of the family will climb the roof to put the beautiful Christmas lights on, while the others are watching and worrying.

However, even after this act of braveness, people will have to pull on their coat and boots, through the snow outside, and manually plug in the lights on every night. Well, this entire action will no longer be need by users who opt for the new smart Outdoor Switch released by iDevices.

This is the new device that the company hopes will make outdoor lighting much easier during the holidays. Of course, this kit will not string up the lights for users, but it can toggle or schedule them anytime using the iDevices app. This means that users will not have to go outside during the cold season to plug in the lightings. With this new kit, they only have to swipe of a finger on the iDevices app and the lights will turn on automatically. The new iDevices Outdoor Switch will be available starting November, at the price of 79 dollars. Users will have the opportunity to order this new HomeKit from the iDevices website, which is a welcomed addition to the smart-plug market. 

Another interesting fact about the new iDevices Outdoor Switch, is that the installation is very easy. Users will just have to plug up the device and it will run within minutes. Moreover, the device will connect to the free iDevices app, which is known as a smart-home integration app that connects HomeKit compatible products in one place. Even if the list of smart products is not very long at this moment, the app works pretty well. To be added that this app homes various command options, from scheduling its activation ahead of time, to turning the Switch on and off. 

Without a doubt, the new iDevices Outdoor Switch will be just a Christmas gift for any family, because lighting the outdoor decorations will be at a swipe of a finger distance. 

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