The new HTC will come with the latest Android Marshmallow

The new HTC One A9 will be available at the price of 399 dollars. Moreover, this phone will be the first HTC phone that will run Google’s latest operating system, called Android Marshmallow. At this price range, the new One A9 will be an affordable phone, if we compare it with iPhone 6S, which costs 649 dollars. 

Why we make this price comparison? Well, because the new HTC device looks very similar with iPhone 6S. HTC One A9 will be available globally in early November. Users will just have to wait until then to see if the price of 399 dollars is really worth it. 

As it was earlier mentioned, the new device is pretty much identical to the iPhone 6. It comes in an all-metal body, flat on the back, and has similar inset lines running across it. Moreover, this phone will be available in a larger variety of colors, including grey, dark, silver and gold. However, there is also a dark red version, but it’s probably mostly for customers willing to stand out. 

On the back, the new HTC One A9 homes a camera, which strange or not, has the same position and look as the one that can be found on the iPhone 6. This phone also comes with a physical home button on the front that looks exactly the same as the one on the iPhone. 

To be added that the physical home button doubles as a fingerprint scanner, which is a good thing. However, even if HTC hasn’t meant to copy the iPhone 6, Apple’s device is a good example to use as inspiration. The new HTC One A9 feels very comfortable in hand and it looks pretty good. It comes with a 5-inch screen, featuring 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution. Moreover, under the hood there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor and a battery that isn’t very large, only 2,150mAh. 

The new HTC One A9 will run Google’s latest operating system, Android Marshmallow, meaning that it will have some new features, including Now on Tap, Android Doze and Android Pay. 

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