The New Drift Stealth 2

Every company knows that if they try to manufacture a small action camera, this will come with a lot of compromises. For example, to shrink a camera, the company will be forced to get rid of onboard controls or the screens.

Moreover, they will need to release the camera with a built-in battery instead of a removable battery. To be mentioned that the camera will also have video processors and image sensors that don’t produce too much heat, otherwise the processors being in danger to melt. 

However, the new Drift Stealth 2 looks like coming with a screen of settings and onboard controls. Moreover, this camera also has mode changes, but it doesn’t come with a removable battery, compared with the Ghost-S. The new Drift Stealth 2 measures 3.2×1.7×1.1 inches, making it half the size of the Ghost-S. To be mentioned that Drift Stealth 2 also is 40 percent lighter, meaning that it has 3.4 ounces. This new camera is perfect for users who want to mount it on their helmets because they won’t feel a thing. Sadly, the Drift Stealth 2 is not fully waterproof, unless users will opt for a special housing case.

Compared with other high-end action cameras, Drift Stealth 2 is easier to mount and thanks to the screen and a few onboard controls, this camera will not need to be connected to another device to change settings or modes. It is important to know that having this kind of features, the Drift Stealth 2 is over the GoPro Hero4 Session and most likely, it is half the price. The Drift Stealth 2 comes at the price of 200 dollars or less if you search on online retailers. 

To be mentioned that this camera also has a serious competitor, named Sony Action Cam Mini AZ1, which is available at the price of 220 dollars. Sony’s camera also comes with a splash-proof feature. Moreover, compared with Drift Stealth 2, the AZ1 is approximately the same size and comes with a removable battery and a wireless LCD remote for previewing video. However, Drift Stealth 2 comes with a great design that offers more flexibility when it comes to mounting.

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