The New Brooklyn Nets Logo Triggers Mixed Reactions

Spring is the season for changes, so Jay-Z thought he could spice up the look of his players with a new set of uniforms. According to Reuters, the new Brooklyn Nets logo triggered different reactions from analysts and fans of the team.

Basketball is the final frontier for music producer Jay-Z who has recently decided to turn his attention from music to his team, the Brooklyn Nets. The musician announced on Sunday that the Nets are reinventing their looks with new uniforms and, most importantly, with new logos. Despite his enthusiasm, many people were disappointed with the design of the emblem that the star has chosen.

Analysts were expecting something much more interesting and attractive from the artist, but Jay-Z opted for a monochromatic and retro logo. The name ‘NETS’ is written on a badge-shaped backdrop followed by the ‘B’ letter which stands for Brooklyn. There was also a second variant, that is, the ‘B’ letter would have been encircled by the Brooklyn New York words, but everybody voted for the first variant.

Jay-Z released a statement to let people know that the new logos represent a new step that the owners have made in order to take the team to another level. He explained that they chose a simple, yet bold design because they wanted to express the strong confidence that the players have in their new direction.

There have been other changes that the Nets have made besides wearing new colors and new emblems. They have also moved to Brooklyn New York where they will be performing in a new state-of-the-art arena. Thus, the new colors and emblems stand as a proof that the team is committed to update and refine all the important aspects of their game.

The new logo was introduced to the public during a press conference that was held near the Nets’ new arena, more specifically, near Barclays Center on Flatbush Avenue. According to the statement, the logo was inspired by the signage of the New York Subway system.

The uniforms are not ready yet; they will most likely be unveiled in September. Until then, fans can purchase Nets merchandise on the Internet.

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