“The Muppets” premieres today

Disney’s “The Muppets” premieres today. The American musical produced by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman is a revival of the most adored puppets of all times. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and all the other furry and plushy characters will be there to entertain you with their new story.

The 2011 Muppets movie was written by actor Jason Segel and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” director, Nicholas Stoller. Based on the “The Muppets Show” by Jim Henson, created in the ‘50s, the new musical aims to bring back to life the puppets that gained the hearts of a number of generations and place them into a more modern setting.

The story begins with big news for the Muppet Theater: oil has been discovered underneath it. And from that moment, the place is under tension. Oilman Tex Richman has his eyes on it and plans to tear it down so he could profit from the discovery.  However, his plans are being postponed by the world’s biggest Muppet fan, Walter, who calls for his brother and his girlfriend for help. Together, Walter, his brother Gary and Gary’s girlfriend Mary, will try to figure out a plan to keep the Muppet Theater untouched. They come-up with the idea of a Telethon, The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever. For this, they must reunite all the Muppets, who all spread around the world in the past years. Miss Piggy is now a fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Fozzie Bear is a casino performer in Rino, Gonzo is filthy rich and Animal is committed in a clinic.

The cast stars Jason Segel as Gary, Amy Adams as Mary and Chris Cooper as Tex Richman. The 120-minute- show was produced with a budget of 50 million dollars. Segel gave an interview to omg! a few days ago explaining why he chose to do another Muppet movie. Following the Muppet movies done by now, “The Muppet Movie” (1979), “The Great Muppet Caper” (1981), and “The Muppets Take Manhattan” (1984), the 2011 Muppets aims to revive the experience that the old generations had in their childhood. “I think that it’s important for kids to have the same experience we had with the Muppets”, says Segel. “I think it would be selfish to just leave them for our generation”.

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