The Mozilla & Telefonica Branded Smartphone

In today’s world, the smartphone is out to conquer every user out there. The features and high performances such a gadget carries make it a necessary tool to keep up with the world today. So, it’s obviously why so many companies want their own piece of the cake. Mozilla and Telefonica are the last to announce a collaboration for their own branded smartphone.

Basically, with Mozilla involved in the making of a smartphone users can expect a better experience browsing the Internet from their handsets. This is without a doubt a breath of fresh air for most of today’s smartphone users who aren’t exactly having the best Internet browsing experiences.

But Mozilla’s aim is more than just improving the Internet experience on a handset. The matter at hand is that Mozilla is working on releasing a new operating systems for handsets that will allow a better experience using applications that run mostly on the Web.

The news about Mozilla’s new operating system for mobile devices isn’t exactly breaking news. They made their plan official last year and presented the project Boot to Gecko (B2G) as a “complete, standalone operating system for the open web”.

The operating system will likely be a breakthrough for developers of mobile apps, since enjoying the possibility to use web technology will make apps a lot more accessible from different mobile phone platforms.

Moreover, according to Telefonica and Mozilla statements, the upcoming smartphone will be retailed at a very affordable price. Carlos Domingo, director of product development and innovation at Telefonica Digital, said: “From our experience in Latin America we know that a huge part of the market is not being catered for by current smartphones”, but the upcoming system “will be able to offer a smartphone experience at the right price point for these customers”.

As Carlos Domingo explained at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, Barcelona, the resulting smartphone will be “ten times cheaper than an iPhone”.

Deutsche Telekom also showed interest in the project. Mozilla announced that “Deutsche Telekom’s Innovation Labs will join the Boot to Gecko project with dedicated development resources, and is evaluating further steps based on our common experience”.

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