The McRib sandwich is back

McDonald’s announced early this week the national comeback of a popular sandwich, the McRib. Until November 14th, the fans of the boneless barbecue sandwich can purchase it in any McDonald’s restaurant in the U.S.

Usually, the local franchises determine whether or not to have the McRib on the menu, except for Germany, where the sandwich is a permanent guest. This fall’s decision was based on both the demand of the sandwich fans as well as the feedback for 2010’s three weeks of having it available throughout the States. Yet, the company refused to make the sales reports from last year available to the press.

The McRib was first served in a McDonald’s dinner in 1982 and was dressed with onions, pickles and barbecue sauce. The sandwich is just a little lighter than the Big Mac, with 540 calories instead of 540 and only 3 grams of fat less. Both sandwiches are equally popular in the U.S.

The customers’ attitude towards the McRib led to several topics and pages on Facebook and Twitter, all reflecting the general wishes for having the sandwich back on the menu.

The person who won $1 million last year in the Monopoly McDonald’s ordered a McRib. Jenny McCarthy used the McRib Locator website to find a place that sold the sandwich in the southern California. And the list of fans goes on.

The site reflected directly the McRib re-launch, as the traffic went from 150 hits per day to over 4,000, as more and more of the sandwich enthusiasts reported seeing it on the menu in more and more locations. Furthermore, the site owner received photos of variations of the McRib garnish: lettuce and tomato, bacon, even three McRibs stacked on top of each other.

Klein, a meteorologist, runs the website in his spare time. He started it in 2008 at the aid of Google Maps and his wife. “We’ve been spoiled this year and last year with it being around nationwide,” he stated. Yet, he doesn’t endorse the idea of the sandwich making it on the menu long term throughout U.S. since that would deprive his site of its core purpose.

However, McDonald’s marketing director Marta Fearon declared for the press that the food company intends to keep the excitement that comes with finding a place that sells the McRib and doesn’t intend to have it available nationwide indefinitely.

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