The Many Secrets Schwarzenegger Kept From His Wife Maria

There were many other secrets that Schwarzenegger kept from his wife, Maria Shriver, according to an Associated Press review of his autobiography: “Total recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story”. The former California governor admitted that his wife was usually the last one to find out about the changes in his life.

Fathering a child with the family’s housekeeper was not the only secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger had from his wife, Maria Shiver. The actor confessed all his mistakes in the autobiography “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story” which will be released on Monday. In his opinions, it was his tendency to hide himself from his wife and children that led to the destruction of his marriage.

Arnold and Maria were married for 25 years until she filed for divorce in July. Despite this, Schwarzenegger never told her anything about his future career plans. She found out about her husband’s intentions to run for California governor just days before the 2003 recall deadline. Moreover, Maria read in the papers that her husband was going to seek a second term and this has led to the gradual depreciation of their relationship.

It wasn’t just career changes that Arnold hid; he stated in an interview with reporter Lesley Stahl from “60 Minutes” that he underwent a major heart surgery without even informing Maria. The worst secret, however, was the fact that the 65-year-old actor had a son with the family’s housekeeper. Maria discovered the truth during a session in 2011 when the actor finally admitted he had fathered a son, Joseph, almost 15 years ago. He told the press that he decided to take care of the boy when he noticed he looked like him. Arnold refused to provide other details about his relationship with the boy or his mother because he did not want to cause even more pain to his wife and children.

Ever since Maria filed for divorce in July, Arnold began analyzing his behavior and reached the conclusion that being a bodybuilding athlete has prevented him from showing his real emotions. The “Expendables 2” star became an “expert in denial” because feelings made athletes lose. In the end, Arnold expressed his most sincere regrets for having caused so much pain to the persons who mattered the most to him, that is, his family. 

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