The last unfinished movie of River Phoenix to premiere soon

The last movie of late actor River Phoenix is going to premiere soon. “Dark Blood” director, George Sluizer has finally decided to continue with the filming, after 18 years of keeping the project on hold. According to Us Weekly, the voice of River will be recorded by his brother, famous actor Joaquin Phoenix.

It is not yet known when we will get to see River Phoenix play for the last time. Although there hasn’t been set a release date for Dark Blood, director George Sluizer announced that we will get to see it somewhere in 2012. After 18 years of keeping hidden the parts of the movie that he got to shoot before River’s sudden death, Sluizer has started re-editing it. He hopes that he will co-involve River’s brother, Joaquin Phoenix in the project. “The voices of both brothers are very much alike,” says Sluizer, who thinks that Joaquin could be the voice of his late brother’s character.

“Dark Blood” will give us the chance of seeing footage of much younger Judy Davis and Jonathan Pryce and of course, a forever young River Phoenix. The action revolves around Boy (played by Phoenix), who is a widow living the life of a hermit on a nuclear testing site. He has no purpose in life anymore; he is just waiting the apocalyptical end of the world. But things change when he meets a couple looking for shelter in the area. He begins a troubled affair with the woman.

River Phoenix rose to fame at a very young age, after playing Chris Chambers in “Stand By Me” (1986). He was 16. Since then he starred in numerous prominent movies, such as “Running On Empty (1988), “Indiana Jones and the Last crusade” (1989), “My Own Private Idaho” (1991) and “The Thing Called Love” (1993). He was one of the most promising actors at the time and his death left many hearts broken and many projects unfinished. Prior to his death he had a clean image of a humanitarian vegetarian good guy. This made his death even more shocking. Phoenix died on October 31, 1993, in front of the Viper Room club in Hollywood. According to the autopsy reports he overdosed. He collapsed on the sidewalk after taking a combination of heroin and cocaine (known as a speedball), which he also combined with diazepam. After convulsing for five minutes in front of his girlfriend, actress Samantha Mathis and brother Joaquin, he stopped breathing.

Since that day, Viper Room was closed on October 31 every year until 2004, when actor and friend Johnny Depp, who co-owned the club, sold his share.

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