“The Jeffersons” Sherman Hemsley Passed Away

Unfortunately for good old TV series fans, Sherman Hemsley, “The Jeffersons” actor, passed away. Sherman Hemsley, the man that made George Jefferson so popular, died at age 74.

Sherman Hemsley, one of the first actors in a “black show”, was found dead in his home in El Paso. The police states the actor was found by his nurse and died apparently of natural causes.

After a long and tumultuous life, growing up only with his mother and meeting his father at only 14 years old, Mr. Hemsley never managed to build his own family. He passed away leaving behind a series of great shows but no wife nor children. Sherman Hemsley died at 74.

Mr. Hemsley, was a great actor. He began his acting career when he was still in school, getting parts in plays. “I was about 7 or 8, and I was playing fire, in a Fire Prevention play,” he said in an interview. He also added that even if his start was small, it was a real blast. “Yeah, I started off as a flame, and they threw water all over me, and my line was ‘foiled again.’ And it was fun that everybody and the kids were watching. …”.

But what really made him famous, was the role of George Jefferson, in the famous 70’s “black show” “The Jeffersons”. The show was a real revelation at that time, and a fresh breath for the industry, putting the black family in a favorable light.

Sherman Hemsley’s interpretation of George Jefferson, the modest entrepreneur, brought the actor two nominations for the Golden Globe and the Emmy in 1984 and 1985.

But Hemsley’s first TV appearance in a TV show was in the well known sitcom “All in the family”, followed by “Amen” where he played a softer and more suitable role for his personality.

Even if his life was full of acting opportunities Sherman Hemsley had quite the average life. He worked in the post and left school to join the Airforce. After finishing his shifts at the post-office, he attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts, which brought him his first Broadway plays.

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