The iWatch to Hit Markets in 2015

The iWatch may not be released in September after all, as reports previously indicated. New reports actually say that the iWatch will only be available on the market at the beginning of 2015. 

This week, it has been revealed that Apple plans on releasing this new smart device next month. The iWatch is one of the most expected Apple releases at the moment. Still, the tech giant might not be able to launch it, at least not yet. Still, as expected, Apple refused to reveal anything about this potential new release, so reps from the famous company did not comment on the issue. 

Well, new reports indicate that maybe Apple will unveil its smartwatch next month, but even though the product will be presented to the world, it will not be available in sale. So, the period of time between the official launch and the availability in sale can be as big as the one that we have seen linked to the first iPhone. 

Apple presented the first iPhone in January 2007, but customers who were interested in purchasing this new device had to wait for no less than six months until getting it. So, the smartphone was shipped only in June 2007. Maybe Apple will need this long period of time to ship the iWatch, as well. However, since none of the reports linked to Apple’s new releases has been confirmed, it is yet to see what will happen. 

If Apple will release the iWatch as rumored, this will actually be the first wearable device that the famous company has launched. Meanwhile, Apple is also expected to present its newest generation smartphone. So, it is believed that the famous company will unveil iPhone 6 at the September 9 event it has announced. 

Reports reveal that Apple will actually launch two new iPhone 6 models. One will come with a 4.6 inch screen, while the other will feature a 5.5 inch screen, for customers who are more interested in devices that come in a larger screen. With such a release, Apple’s products will be able to compete against rival large screen smartphones, including Samsung releases.

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