“The Internship” Celebrates Google Company

A new movie from Hollywood, staring the wel-known actor Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will celebrate the foundation of the Google Company. “The Interniship’, as the comedy was called, depicts the softwar company as the best place to work in America, Huffington Post reports.

“The Inernship” has not yet been released on the big screen, but the preview that were revealed to the press shows just how great Google is as a working company. The idea is outlined by the too stars of the movie, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who states at a certain point in the movie that “there’s no place like Google”. Their remark had determined critics to compare the software company with the land from “The Wizard of Ox”, Emerald City.

During the two-hours film, Gogle is depicted as the perfect place to work because food is free and there are many gagets spread around the entire company waiting to be testing. As usual, the American dream makes its presence felt in the movie motivating people to believe that thrugh hard work you can achieve anything. Thus, Google is portrayed as the only company who cares about the wellbeing of the workers.

The director hasn’t explained yet why he chose to make a Google inspired movie, yet he is most likely waiting to win the apreciation of Google fans. They are expected to fill the theater rooms on Friday when the movie hits cinemas. The two actors will also win the simpathy of film goers as they usualy make a great couple on screen.

The last movie they made together was “Wedding Crashers” and viewers were very pleased by it, judging by the high score of ticket sales. Unlike this comedy, “The Internship” is expects to receive some criticism, as well, especially from people who understand that the company is not at all as caring as the movie producers like to portray it. ON the contrary, the company has been accused on many occasions of copyright infringements.

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