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The inauguration of the second edition of the Riaceinfestival

The inauguration of the second edition of A-Home will Riaceinfestival next May 20 with a screening of “Under the Celio Blue” by Edoardo Winspeare, documentary recently released in theaters on interculture and prevention of social unrest turned into the small nursery Celio Blue in Rome where, from the early 90s, has been tested an intelligent model of multicultural education that children get used to the dialogue between cultures. The school now houses 45 children of school age belonging to 32 different nationalities.

On the evening of May 21 will instead be presented in one of its first public screening (the first in the province of Reggio Calabria) “Flight” by Wim Wenders, the first Italian production filmed almost entirely in 3D Riace whose theme is the central Hospitality experiences of some countries of Locri.

In-Home Riaceinfestival, Festival of migration and of local cultures Statues, is a manifestation born right on the wave of policy reception and resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers that the municipal authorities of the country is implementing some of the Bronzes years very successful along with common Caulonia and Stignano. In this particular historical moment in which the issue of coexistence between people and different cultural traditions emerges ever more pronounced, especially after the recent events in Rosamond, this festival is to be a concrete initiative that, through the young and the universal language of cinema, promote exchange and mutual understanding to combat racism and closing forms and calls attention to the innovative approach implemented by this town that has managed to combine the reception of migrants and the relaunching its territory, giving the image of Calabria, except that chronicles black .

Statues recently climbed to national headlines thanks to the notorious German director Wim Wenders who decided to dedicate his latest work, accepting with enthusiasm the invitation to work on the screenplay by Eugenio Melloni. Wenders has spoken of this also happens within the tenth Summit of the Nobel Prize for Peace held in Berlin’s Red Town Hall in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the wall saying: “The true utopia is not ‘the Wall, but what ‘s been made in some countries of Calabria, Statues head. The real miracle is not here, but in Calabria, where for the first time I really saw a better world. I saw a country able to resolve, through ‘host, not the problem of refugees, but their problem is to continue to exist, not to die because of depopulation and immigration. And I wanted to tell this story in a film that has actors as the protagonists’ .

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