The Gay Rainbow Oreo Cookie That Sparked Controversy

When it comes to popular food items, associating them with a cause or politicizing them can raise awareness but it can also bring along a lot of scrutiny. The gay rainbow Oreo cookie that sparked controversy all over the Internet might be just a photoshopped image, but many found the idea a bit too much.

Kraft posted on its Facebook page a photoshopped image of a rainbow Oreo cookie created in honor of LGBT Pride month. Joined by the caption “Proudly support love!” what started as an innocent pledge with rainbow-hued frosting layers brought along some strong reactions.

On Facebook, the rainbow colored Oreo received 167,000 “likes” and over 22,000 comments. Suffice to say not everybody found Kraft’s idea good. In fact some users got so annoyed with the picture they threatened to boycott the product and somebody even created a Boycott Oreo Facebook page.

Some users have quoted the Bible, while many felt Oreo’s support of the LGBT Pride month was disappointing. One user wrote “thought Oreos were a family cookie” while another said: “No thanks Oreo. We don’t want this unhealthy sinful lifestyle flaunted”.

While most of the negative comments moved away from Kraft’s Facebook and Twitter pages to Buzzfeed, many users announced buying Oreos stops now. One user announced he’ll dislike the Oreo page just for the gay rainbow cookie alone and added he “can’t support a business that supports gays”.

Basil Maglaris, Kraft spokeswoman, said the gay rainbow cookie is part of a “series of daily ads reflecting current events in a fun way using images of Oreo cookies and milk”. “We are excited to illustrate what is making history today in a fun and playful way” Maglaris explained. “As a company, Kraft Foods has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. We feel the OREO ad is a fun reflection of our values” reads a Kraft Foods email sent to ABC News.

But Oreo is just the latest company to get scrutinized against for giving support to the LGBT community. JCPenney has been hit with criticism by One Million Moms for its gay and lesbian parents ad campaign. When the company announced Ellen DeGeneres will become its spokesperson, One Million Moms initiated a boycott.

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  1. I need dozens of these cookies…please make them a reality really really soon!!! will so help everything come together as crazy as that may be…RAINBOW OREO cookies needed NOW!!!!

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