The First iPhone Charger That Hacks Your Phone

It’s no longer a secret that iPhones are anything but safe when it comes to protecting owners’ data against hackers. A group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has, nevertheless, set about to prove the obvious by creating the first iPhone charger that can hack the phone within several seconds, CNET News reports.

Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang, and Chengyu Song have joined hands to create the first iPhone charger that breaches the phone in a matter of seconds. The new device will be introduced for the first time to the public during an IT security conference in July. Until then, the group from the Georgia Institute of Technology has only revealed that the iPhone charger is called Mactans and it can store hacking software in the same way Apple hide built-in applications.

Scientists believe the device could cause a lot of trouble if used by ill-intentioned persons. For the moment, the charger is now in the good guys’ hands, but Apple fears iPhone users’ data could be in danger once Mactans is launched. The creators of the device have reassured users that they did not plan to hack Apple’s smartphones, but just to prove people that it can be done using simple technology. They further suggested iPhone users not to use other people’s chargers, especially after the Mactans is released.

The hacking charger has been provided with the BeagleBoard processor, which does not normally fit into a traditional iPhone charger because it is too big. As a result, the researchers have tried it on an external charger and a charging case and have noticed that the processor works very well with the two devices.

The project that Lau, Jang and Song have developed should warn smartphone manufacturers and authorities of the problems that some users may create. They further revealed that the charger has been created with a very low budget, so groups that benefit of more time and resources can create much more advanced devices that can serve their malicious intent.


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