The european commissioner Tremonti is in a great european conflict

I dedicate these notes again Sunday to economic and political crisis that shook Europe and America. But before I can not overlook the clash that has lit up on the law he wants to gag information and that once again blocking the parliamentary work on a measure “to personas. It is not only interception activities of the judiciary but the entire investigation, closed to journalists and anyone who wants to conduct investigations into criminal situations or para-criminals, anyone wishing to investigate the activities of public entities beginning with the government and anyone who wants to understand what are the responsibilities of men that those institutions are in charge.
The law in second reading in the Senate had already been approved by the House but the Senate committee that is examining the strongly changed for the worse. Radicalized penalties for journalists and publishers, has permanently barred access to sources, has banned the activities of the news and investigations in ways that make a real gag that right of freedom so essential for democracy to have deserved even the constitutional protection. Our newspaper is struggling for months on this issue and this time fortunately is not alone. Much of the printing and publishing are on the same line.
Parties, associations, youth movements have mobilized to defend that right to freedom. The guarantee institutions, starting from the Quirinale, with special attention and ensure there is no lack testimony from a member of the U.S. government about the importance of the means of investigation, including wiretapping, to fight international crime. So the battle is at its peak because the changes introduced in the Senate pejorative require a third reading by the House, where the divisions within the majority could bring about important news.

It is neither a question of specific and limited or of a corporate approach by newspapers and publishers. The law sponsored by the Premier and the Minister of Justice and involves deforming one of the essential features of the Republican Constitution. This explains the centrality of the issue and the importance of the current conflict. Members of government are aligned to the defense of the caste to which they belong, in the pretense of obtaining the silence and impunity for their not praiseworthy deeds. All except Giulio Tremonti. That silence is very significant.
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A fact clearly emerging in Italian politics: since the financial difficulties of Greece triggered a second phase of the international economic crisis, the Italian Government Commissioner, the Commissioner has Tremonti. It is he who dictates the solutions, the timing, the amount of budget-balancing maneuvers, the distribution of costs between the various social groups and it is he that is joined with the European institutions. He is that which translates in Italian politics of the European Commission in Brussels and the ECB.
In this context, Silvio Berlusconi is no longer the shadow of the Minister of Economy. From time to time, not to disappear altogether from the scene, try some forward flight, a few marginal corrections to the wording Tremonti, some delay in the timing and dilution of content, but soon falls and is aligned to the “diktat” of his minister-Commissioner , which is now the real leader of this battered government.
Tremonti policy is clear: a move of 28 billion euros to enforce immediately a decree on the urgency to put away the state accounts for the next two years 2011-2012, through spending cuts, levies’ One-off “on the civil service and the windows out of pensioners to old age and seniority, building amnesties, lower transfers from the center to local authorities, freezing of large works, freezing of collective agreements expire. So a large operation with depressive effects because inevitably lower the spending capacity of the species population in a phase of extensive use of layoffs and decreasing employment precarious.
This decided the European summits that are doing most countries EU members, starting with the stronger and weaker Germany as Greece, France, like Spain, Britain as Ireland and Portugal. Even Obama has taken this road because the attack forced the market against sovereign wealth funds, that is, against debts owed by States to tackle the banking crisis of 2008-2009 and industry made it inevitable that a huge consolidation of public finances in the West .

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