The Easter Island Statues Have Bodies Underground

The heads on Easter Island are going to be a debate that will likely never end. The Easter Island and the Maui heads continue to puzzle scientists and laymen alike. The controversy just sparked with a new discovery. The Easter Island statues have bodies buried deep underground and researchers found petroglyphs too.

The monolithic statues of Rapa Nui, worldwide known as the moai heads or the Easter Island statues remain a mister that will puzzle humans for another few decades, without question. Several controversial theories are behind the origin of the moai heads. One theory believes the 887 statues of Easter Island are in fact of extraterrestrial origin.

The island 2,000 miles west of Chile draws numerous tourists each year, but given researchers’ latest discovery it’s likely the island is going to get even more crowded. The Easter Island Statue Project began last October the Season V expedition. The Thinkbox blog published today pictures taken during the excavations. And what do you know: the Easter Island statues have bodies underground.

And if that’s not breaking news for some of you, researchers also found new petroglyph writings that at a first glance appear to be unique. Project director Jo Anne Van Tilburg explains that despite the fact there are quite a few statues with individual petroglyphs, “these and only one other statue- of over 1,000 we have documented – have multiple petroglyphs carves as a composition on their backs”.

The project director also explained that at the bottom of the carvings there is a symbol complex that has only been found, so far, on some other 100 statues. “It is referred to by previous researchers as the ring and girdle design, and sometimes said to represent the sun and rainbow”.

Scientists with the project, including dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg, believe that the new findings prove that somehow the people of Rapa Nui had the technology to move heavy objects. She also added that during the excavations the team found tune vertebrae right at the bottom of a statue.  Tilburg believes to be a confirmation of the fact that the Rapa Nui statue carvers were given tuna and lobsters meals. Well, that puts a bullet through the alien civilization theory.

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  1. “somehow” had the technology. “tuna vertebrae” which proves fish were eaten long ago, yet has nothing to do with who built it. How do you know the fish wasn’t an offering? Alien civilization theory is not dead. They say they have substancial evidence yet share NONE of it, which to me says they have no idea.

  2. What a stupid thing to believe. that aliens came here to build statues then leave? lets give humans more credibility n stop hindering real development by wasting time on these theories. I bet you believe in god too right? no proof of either …

  3. Well Jonathan lets talk about stupidity like the fact that the world was flat until it wasn’t or the fact the the earth was the center of the universe until it wasn’t or how about nothing can travel faster then light oh wait thats not true now either with the discovery of particles that travel both forward and backward in time space so you canreal see by past examples and present ones that closed minded people such as yourself have been getting it wrong for millennias. To say it hinders real development is foolish and short sighted it is the possibility that inspires man to achieve to reach into the stars and find those truths to strap himself to a rocket and hundreds of pounds of fuel just to glimpse that first step into the universe to say such things like it holds back mankind just shows how little your mind is according to atomic theory there is plenty of life out there some of which by the way was already discovered on Mars so read up study your math its a big universe out there

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