The Duggar family shows pictures of still born baby

The Duggar family continues to raise controversies as they show pictures of their still born baby, Jubilee, says The Blaze. The photos were shown during the ceremony that was held in memory of the unborn baby girl. Some people have described these recent acts of the family as methods of coping with the loss of their child. Others, on the other hand, think the couple is constantly using their children to draw the public’s attention. Moreover, the ceremony was often described as odd by people who disagree with the family’s lifestyle.

The ceremony was held in Springdale, Arkansas where hundreds of attendees made their appearance to offer support to the large family. Based on Michelle’s previous declarations, the baby girl’s name was JubileeShalom and she was about 4 oz. and 6 c.m.

During the ceremony, Michelle and her husband, Jim, spread various photos of the still born baby girl. In the pictures, you could see Michelle’s hand holding Jubilee’s tiny hand and feet. You can tell the difference between the two persons because the baby’s hands are incredibly small.

The controversy began when Michelle’s cousin, Amy Duggar posted one of the pictures on her website saying: “RIP precious Jubilee Shalom Duggar! Can’t wait to meet you someday, thank you Lord for giving our family peace”. The message was later on deleted because it could be interpreted in various ways.

The family defended itself by saying that they never meant to show these pictures to the public. However, we should not forget that the photos have all been posted on Michelle’s website. Moreover, there is also an audio message that she wrote for her unborn baby. She begins the audio letter by explaining Jubilee what her name means and she continues saying that the baby girl’s mission was already accomplished, so God had to take her with Him.

Meanwhile, the public seems to be more and more intrigued by the manner in which the Duggar family is using their children to become famous and, consequently, win more money. The opinions are, however, equally divided between those who claim that children enjoy being part of the show and those who think Michelle and Jim’s behavior should not be encouraged.

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  1. “Never meant to show these pictures to the public ….”


    These people LIVE on television. They support their HUGE family by appearing ON TELEVISION!!!

    Give me a BREAK. They are exploiting their children to the maximum extent possible, so why should we be surprised they’ll exploit their “stillborn” spontaneously aborted clean-up fetus?

    I’m not going to be surprised to see photos of her miscarriage next.

  2. Unbelievable!!!! What that family won’t do for attention!!!
    Sensationalizing something that should be so private!!!!!
    Jim and MIchelle ego’s are so large it’s a wonder that can walk straight!!!!

  3. I fully suport the Duggars. If people want to “throw stones” aim for celebrities that are promoting divorce, adultry, drug abuse…. Who would YOU rather have your children watch – the Dugars or the Kardashians?

  4. I don’t see why anybody would be upset about this. If that’s how she chooses to remember her child, so what? People are so offended by stuff that has nothing to do with them. If someone else wouldn’t take pictures of their stillborn baby, that’s fine, but she wanted to. I also think it’s ridiculous to say that they are exploiting their children. But, for the sake of argument, if they are, they wouldn’t be able to if nobody watched the show or read articles, or made ignorant comments. Bad publicity is still publicity. Making it a point to say that you disapprove is still giving attention to what you say you’re so against. Kinda defeats the purpose, I would think.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with it. The pictures are tasteful and they are just showing that they care about their child. most people just try to make it disappear but they are accepting it. Nothing wrong with it!

  6. I agree with Deana and Laurie. Both make great points. And people are so afraid and appalled by people who live out of the box. I think have such a large close knit family is a wonderful thing. And I don’t think Michelle was trying to exploit her stillborn. From watching the family and their outlook on the life. I’ bet she simply wanted a memory of her child and nothing more.

  7. Many years ago professional photographers were seen at almost all funerals. Their photos were published in newspapers as a matter of public record. They were very beautifully taken and tastefully displayed.

  8. Oh my fucking gosh, people! They just lost a child, have some fucking sense….and we’ll see if we’re lucky enough for you to have some compassion afterwards if you obtain sense first.

  9. Those pictures are beautiful and it is their way of remembering their baby. If you have never had the experience then you do not know how you would choose to handle this loss and would probably not want anyone judging the way you would. God bless the Duggars and I hope they find peace even in the face of such deep loss.

  10. You that are against this kind of picture ought to have you heads examined! You all have the egos, thinking you know the minds and hearts of a grieving family!!!! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, especially YOU LUCY! How DARE YOU write such hateful words! Who are YOU? GOD!!!!????!!! That baby was LOVED from the moment it was conceived by their parents and THANK GOD for the Duggars who take such good care of ALL their children! How many of you are jealous of their fortune??? ALL OF YOU! I KNOW because i use to be one of them! Sick twisted inhuman creatures that come crawling out of the internet these days! I hope GOD HAS MERCY ON YOUR SOULS! Lucy, GROW UP AND SHOW SOME COMPASSION!!!

  11. I myself lost my baby boy. He was 37 weeks in gestation and was absoultley perfect it was my own unknown health issues that caused his still birth. I was in the icu when everything unfolded and the nurses were very kind to take 17 breathtaking pictures for me. I have shared his photos with all my family and friends on a social network I find that it’s completely normal and allows one to grieve freely. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone grieves different. Dont judge their choices especially if you haven’t experienced something so heart wrenching. Rip baby Duggar

  12. I don’t understand why ignorant people are trying to make this controversial. These are pics that are done as tastefully as possible–showing the little hand is not graphic or offensive and was done at the discretion of her parents.

    The Duggars are independently wealthy, and were long before they were ever on TV, so the claims that they are trying to make more money are almost as idiotic as the people making them. If this is how they choose to express their grief than that is their choice and no one has the right to judge them. Anyone who does should look in the mirror and pray they never find themselves having to deal with such a heartbreaking loss.

  13. The last time I checked this was America where we have the freedom to do what we please as long as there are no laws being broken or we are hurting anyone. This family isn’t doing either one so why not leave them alone. They have every right to have as many children as they please. They are not taking advantage of the “system” and they love and take care of their family!!

  14. I think it’s just beautiful. These photos are reflecting God’s love and brings peace and joy to the family. There are so many things being done in the name of HATE, that when this family shows real love, it’s misunderstood by some. It matters not that we agree or disagree… the decision belongs to JimBob and michelle alone. Leave these precious people alone, and move on with your opinions to a place where it will benefit someone!

  15. Beautiful? Yeah right… Nobody needs to see that. Keep it private, or is it just another way to get attention? Keep having them babies and they are bound to keep on dying.

  16. Sue if i were the parents of the baby i would fuck u up u stupid bitch they lost their bby have some sympathy i have the same experienced i went for my last checkup found no heartbeats 8pounds 7ounces im gonna put pics up and i dare u to tlk shit Try it! !!!!!!!!!

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