The Diet That Got Kaela Humphries To Lose 40 Pounds

When it comes to the diets celebrities use to drop bulk weight, it’s hard not to be curious. In fact, thanks to celebrities’ dieting, we heard about Miley Cyrus’ gluten free diet and Kate Winslet’s facial analysis diet. Sure, some diets are wacky, but as long as they give results it all works for the best. Now it is Kaela Humphries’ time to spill the secrets of the diet that got her to lose 40 pounds.

Kaela Humphries used to be a competitive swimmer in high school and college. Once that stopped, the pounds simply piled on, until she found herself in need to lose several pounds and fast. While you’d be expecting former competitive swimmers to have the body of a gorgeous swimwear model, Kris Humphries’ sister had another thing going on.

Although her body isn’t necessary what you’d call catwalk size, Kaela Humphries’ physique fits her pretty well. The Minnesota native just scored a great deal with Ford Models in the + division next to Crystal Renn, Candice Huffine or Ashley Graham. The press release reads that the Ford + division “is excited at the prospect of bringing this beautiful, engaging young woman to markets worldwide. A true size 16-18, Kaela will be in a league of her own”.

Given her new modeling gig, Kaela Humphries talked with about her diet and weight loss. She confessed that back in her athlete days her size varied from 10 to 12 but, after the swimming stopped she found herself looking for size 18 when shopping for clothes.

“You are sort of used to living and eating a certain way, and then you are like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t eat 10 meals a day and 10,000 calories anymore”, said Kaela. Given that she is approaching 30, Kaela explained “it gets harder to lose weight the older you get”.

So, motivated by following a modeling career, Kaela started working on her weight losing. Over the past few months, the former competitive swimmer lost 35 to 40 pounds and managed to get to size 14 or 16.

Kris Humphries’ older sister also added during her interview with People: “It should have been more of a priority earlier. But it’s hard when you have a fulltime job in the real world and it’s not your job to be in shape”.

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