“The Dark Knight Rises” trailer was released

After three years, the Nolan brothers have finally produced the sequel of the famous superhero movie “The Dark Knight”, says MTV. Even though the movie will be available on the big screen in July 2012, “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer was released on Monday. This way, fans of the famous series can get a glimpse of their favorite superhero and share their thoughts about the movie.

The trailer opens with a serene image of the stadium and the peaceful Star-Spangled Banner performed by a little boy in the opening of a football game. Throughout the entire trailer, we are told that Gotham City is at peace, not at war. However, the peaceful images intertwine with the scenes in which Bane is preparing to attack the stadium.

As expected, the damage is done, that is, the field is destroyed after a sudden attack, so the Dark Knight has to return once again to restore order in the city. There are several sensual images, as well. As a matter of fact, Batman is often seen dancing with Selina Kyle, that is, Catwoman. She is the one who sets the scene for the chaos that is about to take place when she whispers in Wayne’s ear: “You think this can last. There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne”.

Judging from the looks of the trailer, the movie is going to have good animation and, most important, good actors. Christopher Nolan has chosen Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman, whereas Tom Hardy is the ill-intentioned Bane. Batman is interpreted by Christian Bale, but there are other important faces in the movie. Viewers will be able to witness the interpretation of the talented Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine as Luscious Fox and, respectively, Alfred.

We can hardly wait to see the movie next year and I’m sure Batman fans wish for summer already even though the winter has just begun. Well, hold your horses now as there are many other movies that we may enjoy until July 20, 2012, when the movie will be released in the United States.

Will you go see “The Dark Knight Rises”? What elements did you like most from the trailer?

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