The cote closes the office of Region in Rome

The Region has decided to terminate the lease for the headquarters and representation in Rome more than 800 square meters in Via delle Quattro Fontane, with one parking space for a lease of 366 000 per year. The seat had been wanted by former President Mercedes Bresso, as a landmark not only institutional, but also as a showcase of ‘made in Piemonte. For Roberto Cota, however, it is an expense “that can reduce unnecessary offices choosing size significantly lower.”
The contract, signed in 2006 expires in 2012 and the junta has decided to instruct the manager of the assets to deal with the property the terms for early termination. The Governor then decided to discharge the consultant diplomat wanted by Bresso posted in Turin by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the expense of the Region, about 120 000 euros gross per year. Cota is determined to follow first-person international relations in the region.
The president, therefore, put into practice two of the measures of cost savings announced in the encountering inauguration day employees of the Executive. But what about the cost of most policy decisions lies with the Regional Council. Majority and opposition are chasing in announcing measures to curb costs. The Assembly Speaker, Valerio Cattaneo, in his inaugural address he announced the intention to be involved. For the future, though.
These days, in fact, the offices were committed to defining the spaces that belong to groups governed by Board criteria identified by the bureau. Each adviser has the right to an area of 40 square meters which must be added space for the Secretariat and local municipalities: 50 square meters more for groups of up to three councilors that you must add another 50 square feet every three advisers larger groups. Is there a tolerance of 20%. The Regional Council covers the cost of rent until the maximum threshold reached with the percentage of tolerance. The groups that breached the total floor area are asked to contribute to costs pursuant to a rule introduced in previous legislative proposal on the Vice-President Roberto Placido.
Group of the PDL with 22 advisers, so were assigned the second, third and fourth floors of the building in Via San Francesco D’Assisi 35 totaling 1470 square meters. Northern League and the Democratic Party, with 12 advisers, dealing respectively the third and fourth floor of Wing 8 and by the sixth and seventh floor of 14 by Arsenal. The Democrats also take a piece of the fifth floor and saw that breached the maximum floor area granted will add about 7,500 per year.

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