The Classiest iPad Stands

You might dream about it, but holding the iPad for too long eventually becomes annoying. It’s not just the numbness of your hand/s that creeps in, it’s also the need to take care of the many chores you’ve put behind to focus on your iPad. A stand for iPad lets you use it in more fun and functional ways and places, like the kitchen while cooking, the bathroom while taking a bath, on the nightstand watching a movie and while working out watching a fitness session. For all the countless moments you wish you didn’t have to hold your iPad in your hands, we’ve put together a list of the classiest iPad stands available today.

Ten One Magnus Aluminum and Magnets iPad Stand
If you are looking for an iPad stand that matches Apple’s design, look no further than Ten One’s Magnus. Secure, elegant and made from recyclable hand-finished aluminum, the Ten One Magnus iPad stand looks just as premium as any Apple product. It holds iPad 2, the new iPad but not iPad mini. It doesn’t work with cases but it is compatible with iPad protective skins on the back. Although it looks like it defies gravity, don’t worry your iPad is safe and sound thanks to magnets.

Stabile 2.0 Stand for iPad 4G, 3G, 2 and 1
$59.99 – $74.99

The best part about owning a tablet is that you can always turn it in a small desktop just by adding a keyboard and the right stand. Stabile 2.0 is one of the finest looking stands for iPad that lifts it up to a position where it becomes comfortable to use it as a computer screen.

It works with all large sized iPads, with or without a case or protective skin, both in landscape and portrait mode. It features three kinds of finish, the silver and white matching Apple’s design. Made from solid American 11 gauge steel with a weight of 2 – ¼ pounds, this is by far the most stable stand for iPad today.



WedgePad is one of the most comfortable iPad stands there is,perfect to use when in bed, on the couch, at the table and even in a car, train and so on. WedgePad is a hand made iPad case sloped at a 30? degree angle to make it easier for you to use your tablet without experiencing discomfort in your wrist. Increase the angle to 45? to have better visibility when watching movies. WedgePad is basically a soft bean bag with an underbelly that conforms to numerous surfaces, but particularly to your body. This is perfect for traveling, since it weighs just as much as a pair of tube socks, that is about 3 ozs.

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