The Chris Brown And Drake Fight Could Move To A Las Vegas Boxing Ring

Even when they spark controversies with questionable behavior celebrities are still getting the perks. Take for instance the fight between Chris Brown and Drake two weeks ago. A soda company has offered to give $2 million to have the Chris Brown and Drake fight move to a Las Vegas boxing ring.

Although the investigation is still inconclusive, there’s huge interest to see how a real fight between Chris Brown and Drake would actually end. Since their brawl on June 14th has damaged a New York City nightclub and left others injured too, a soda company and a celebrity boxing promoter have offered to give the guys a Vegas boxing ring to fight.

Damon Feldman told the Daily News that Alki David, the billionaire heir to a soda bottling company, has offered to give Chris Brown and Drake $1 million each to move their fight in a boxing ring. The Las Vegas Chris Brown vs. Drake fight would be available on pay-per-view and it already has a date set: August 25th.

The celebrity boxing promoter said: “Obviously they have a grudge. It’s just three 1-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt”. And to give the story a little twist, Feldman said Rihanna should be a part of the event, too. “I would love to have Rihanna as the ring girl” he told the Daily News.

Truth be told Chris Brown and Drake could really work out their issues during a ring fight where nobody’s at risk of actually being hurt. During their fight on June 14th, the New York City club suffered significant damage and had to be shut down. The owners of the Greenhouse club is now planning to sue the city for causing it a loss of $264,000 a week.

During the Chris Brown and Drake fight, several got injured, including U.S. Olympic basketball player Tony Parker. He was caught in the bottle crossfire and has suffered an eye injury that could cost him the Olympics. “I almost lost my eye” he complained. Parker blames the club management for leaving things surge out of control.

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