The Casey Anthony Video Diary Is Back, On YouTube

Ever since she has been accused and investigated for killing her toddler daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony has kept away from mass media spotlight. However, six months later after being cleared of the allegations, the Casey Anthony video diary is back and it is available on YouTube.

The black and white 4 ½ minute video made it across television channels across the country in just a day. Seemingly the video has been recorded last October, but only made it to YouTube this week. Despite the fact that the video clearly features Casey Anthony, her lawyers say that she hasn’t released the footage.

Her lawyer, Cheney Mason, explained: “Casey has maintained notes and memoirs for her personal counseling. She did not upload or release this to YouTube”. The lawyer also added that Casey Anthony “doesn’t know how the video got on YouTube. She did not authorize it, and therefore it had to be obtained illegally”.

Well, that settles it, but the questions and the video are still there. Casey Anthony said in her YouTube video dairy: “Just a little surreal how much things have changed since July and how many things haven’t”. But, despite the hardships, she says, “things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. I just hope they stay, that things stay good and that they only get better”.

During the 4 and a half minutes, Casey Anthony wore dark-rimmed glasses as she explained she’s just figuring out the computer, but promised her first video diary will not be the only one, but the “first of many”.

Interesting enough is that despite the traumatizing past few years, Casey Anthony does not mention the name of her daughter or makes any remarks towards her actual disappearance. Instead she talks about how much she enjoys having a camera, a computer and a phone and about a dog she adopted.

Casey Anthony has spent three years behind bars waiting for her murder trial. She has been set free on July 17, 2011, after she has been cleared of the allegations regarding the killing of her toddler daughter. However she got one year probation sentence for her 2010 conviction on check fraud charges. She is currently living at an undisclosed location in Florida.

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  1. Either way the public is once again put back where it was in the first place- did she or did she not do it? Whether she leaked the video or even killed her daughter is starting to matter less as Ms Anthony continues the manufacturing of her persona and perhaps the final payday she is hoping for. She must be able to smell it so close by now that it must be driving her crazy. Not bad for a woman who has a wild fear of the cameras….look forward to forthcoming videos.

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