The Biggest Loser Crown Goes To John Rhode

As the United States is struggling with obesity, a reality show that gives people hard proof they too can lose weight, was poised for success. The Biggest Loser is more than entertaining and seeing how hard participants try, should only be an inspiration for those suffering from similar troubles. The 2011 Biggest Loser crown goes to John Rhode, a 41 year old teacher from Arizona.

You’d say that not all of you have the $250,000 incentive to lose weight, but you should think twice before making such a statement. In the end, losing weight, as difficult and hairy as it might be, is the best way for people to have a healthy life.

John Rhode started the Biggest Loser competition at a whipping 445lbs (31.7 stone) and ended the show with 50.56 per cent of his original body weight. For Rhode, all those challenging workout regimes and diet plans finally paid off, as he lost 220 pounds.

Rhode explains how losing that weight changed his life: “I’d like to think that the biggest change is that I have hope again. I rediscovered the ability to be successful. It didn’t happen overnight”. He added that the thought of his wife back at home alone, struggling to raise their two boys was a good incentive to keep him going at the ranch. “I knew she was going through a rough patch, and I gave it 100% percent day in and day out”.

 “The sacrifices I made on the ranch will never parallel what you did for me… I owe you a debt of gratitude forever and I thank you from the bottom of my heart”, said Rhode.

This morning, Rhode went on The Today Show and told Ann Curry he “had a sincere desire to make this change”. He also pointed out the difficulty wasn’t in losing weight, but in keeping it off.

Asked by Digital Spy what he plans to do with all the prize money, Rhode said he will try to be responsible with it.”My wife would like a car – we’re not going to get a new car, but we’ll get a new to her car – and we’ll pay some debt and put some money away for a rainy day”.

Second runner was NFL player Antone Davis with tattoo artist Ramon Medeiros coming in third in the competition for the $250,000 prize.

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