The Big Bang Theory Renewed for 3 More Seasons

Fans of The Big Bang Theory should be extremely happy to find out that they will be able to watch at least 3 more seasons of their favorite television series. The show has just been renewed. 

So, The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for 3 more years. It is no shock in that, as the television series is extremely popular and successful. CBS and Warner Bros. have already signed the deal. The series airs its 7th season now, the show starting to be produced in 2007. 

Actually, the current episodes of The Big Bang Theory have registered the highest ratings to date. This makes the show the number-one comedy that airs on TV. Naturally, a renewal was actually expected. However, producers have yet to negotiate with the stars of the show, Jim Parsons, who plays the role of Sheldon, Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard’s part and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, who plays Penny’s role. 

So, The Big Bang, which is the most watched sitcom at the moment, will have at least 10 seasons. Maybe the show will be renewed for even more than that. Since the moment when it was first aired, The Big Bang Theory has been a great success. 

The comedy is based on the lives and adventures of science nerds and their friends. Jim Parsons, who plays one of the main roles in the show, has received no less than three Emmy awards for his performance in The Big Bang Theory. If the show will air for sure for at least 3 seasons, most likely Jim Parsons will add more awards to his collection. 

The show is produced by Chuck Lorre, who also is the producer of Two and a Half Men. The Big Bang Theory is watched by about 10 million people. Not only fans are happy with the renewal of the show, but the cast, too, as this surely means better paid contracts for the actors. 

Some reports reveal that they might even be offered deals around $1 million per episode, the way the cast of Friends was paid years ago. Currently, the actors make $325,000 per episode.

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