The Bet That Brought Maria Menounos In Bikini In Times Square

In a setting not that appropriate for bikini and bra, Maria Menounos shed of her winter clothes and stood by her new favorite team New England Patriots as they lost the Super Bowl. Whether it was an advertising strategy or simply a vote of confidence towards her favorite team, Maria Menounos made a bet that brought her in bikini in Times Square in the cold weather of February.

It’s really not that easy to commit to such a bet, particularly when the odds are against you. But for Maria Menounos, the extra television host and proud Bedford, Massachusetts native, took her chances as she promised she would get into a New York Giants bikini if the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Giants.

As NESN states, the bet was that if the Patriots lost, Maria would ‘bare all’. But, if the Giants lost, Maria’s New York correspondent, A. J. Calloway would have had to wear a Patriots cheerleader outfit. As much attention as a hottie such as Maria in bikini would bring, a video of A. J. wearing a cheerleader outfit would have go viral over the internet. Too bad that marketing plot didn’t work out.

While the Sunday game progressed and it became clear who the winner would be, A. J. Calloway warned Maria: “You better be doing some lunges, because it’s a small bikini”. But Maria remained optimist she wouldn’t have to show up almost naked on TV in Times Square saying “there’s still time”.

As the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl over to the Patriots, Maria tweeted a picture of herself wearing a white robe joined by the message: “Ready to face the music. Flying to ny now…today is gonna stink. At least it’s not bitter cold there. Should be 50 degrees I hear”.

Surrounded by Giants fans wearing long sleeve winter jackets and scarves, Maria dropped her white robe and remained proud as fans were cheering.

And like one of the most committed fans ever, Maria doesn’t even carry a grudge her favorite team couldn’t save her honor. “Sorry, but you know what – I love the Pats for fighting to the bitter end. #PATRIOTpride” read her post on Twitter.

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