The Best Summer Desktop Wallpapers of 2013 Are Here

You might not be the kind that actually has enough time at work to glance at the desktop wallpaper, in fact you might be still running the default background or the Christmas family picture.

You might be the kind that is always searching for the best desktop wallpapers, switching from one to the other every week or so. For both of you, there’s a place where you can find the trendiest and best wallpapers of the year, but for the day we’re just going to say the best summer wallpapers of the year are here, thanks to

There’s nothing worse taunting us while at work than the idea we’re not on holiday, having the time of our life partying on the beach, or simply gazing at the sun, enjoying the most relaxing and work-free day ever.

But then there’s the desktop wallpaper depicting a Caribbean sunrise on some exotic island, it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel and you start counting the days left before you will actually feel the sand in between your toes. You need a vibrant seaside desktop wallpaper from a place like Bora Bora, Greece, Maldives and let’s not forget the Caribbean.

There’s really nothing better to give you hope, boost your energy level and just put you in a positive mood like a great summer desktop wallpaper. Add some Haitian music or a recording of waves gently touching the beach and you’ll be getting a private spa session in no time. Just the right thing if you’re one of the billions of stressed-out parents and corporate employees.

Seeing as SuperbWallpapers has released its best summer desktop wallpapers list, it would have been a shame not to take a few minutes off work and relax watching breathtaking scenery with lovely beach houses, palm trees, lush beach resorts, lively swimming pools, refreshing park ponds, river mountains and islands from all over the world.

And if you’ve had your fair share of ocean and seaside wallpapers, then go nuts and choose poppy fields, storm clouds conquering the hill, green fields under the sun, dandelions in mountain scenery or even cities and towns that are simply amazing to be in during the summer. You might just find your next holiday destination.

Don’t panic if you’ll suddenly check the time and see you’ve been relaxing for more than 30 minutes with the best summer desktop wallpapers. It’s well worth the time!

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