The Bachelorette’s fans were divided over Ryan Fox’s breakup from the show during Season 18’s premiere

Is this not a reality show? The Bachelorette’s fans were divided over Ryan Fox’s abrupt departure from the show during Season 18’s premiere however Ryan Fox’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Creel hinted that his behaviour on screen appeared to have been “spot-on.”

The environmental expert of 30 years was caught red-handed on the Monday, October 19 episode when co-hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Tayshia Adams found a folder stuffed with strategies that were pre-planned to win the love of Michelle Young. Although some viewers were skeptical that the notes were genuine, Brittany told DailyGossip exclusively that her ex-boyfriend “plans everything to the T” in the real world.

“I do believe all the docs were real,” she stated on the 20th of October. “He’s an extremely calculated individual. … The guy records every single thing. He is an Google Doc for just about anything you can imagine which he updates every day.”

Brittany stated that she California native “has one about himself,” saying to Us, “He puts feedback on [it] from previous relationships, as well as a dream girl doc for all the qualities his future spouse needs to have.”

Michelle who was 28, confronted Ryan about his game plan after being warned by Kaitlyn 36 and Tayshia 31. The Minnesota native was eventually able to send Ryan home prior to the first wedding ceremony. She concluded, “I am not OK with starting a relationship on red flags.”

Brittany started dating Ryan in February 2020 . Ryan and Brittany broke up in June. Following watching the drama unfold the night before, Brittany wasn’t surprised Ryan was exiled.

“I think Michelle eliminated him because she only wanted people who are genuine and there for the right reasons,” Brittany said to Us. “And based off of what she found she did not feel that Ryan fit that mold.”

However, she was “shocked” to see her former lover on the reality show since it was so from his normal surroundings.

“He usually doesn’t have much to say unless someone is actively trying to have a conversation with him,” Brittany explained and noted that the way Ryan “defended himself” about his notes was a behavior she was able to recognize.

When Michelle looked through Ryan’s file folders Ryan claimed that the documents were given to Ryan by the “friend’s wife” and that Ryan had never watched “more than two hours” of The Bachelorette. However, in 2020 Ryan was chosen to participate in Bachelor Live On Stage, signalling that he may be better acquainted with the show than he admitted to.

“He didn’t talk about wanting to [be on the show], necessarily,” Brittany remembered on Wednesday. “He took part in The Bachelor Live On Stage before we got together and did speak about how he turned down offers to appear present on The Bachelorette because of our relationship. We watched a show or two in a row, but it was not often.”

Ryan is, on the other hand is taking his initial departure from the show in a positive way. After the show’s premiere Ryan was seen laughing at his work through the form of an Instagram video, laughing, “Some morning light reading #bachelorette #bachelornation #notesboy.”

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

With reportage by Diana Cooper

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