The Android 4.2 Upgrade – When Will It Be Available For all Manufacturers?

The Android 4.2 was first released in October and yet, there is no sign of it on most of the smartphones and tablets available on the market. Users constantly check their Android pages to see whether the upgrade is available or not, but manufacturers keep mum for the moment. Here is a list containing some of the devices that have been upgraded with the latest version of Google’s operating system and the ones that will receive the new software in the future.

Stories and news about the wonderful options that Android 4.2 can perform have fueled users’ desire to get their hands on the new operating system. Yet, it seems the more they want it, the more difficult it is to obtain it. Five months after its official release, the upgrade is only available on few devices running on Android. The first to have been upgraded were Google’s Nexus gadgets, but that was long time foreseen considering that the operating system is produced by the company itself. Models that are commercialized by Google-related carriers have also been among the first to receive the upgrade.

If you are in possession of an Asus device, you could be the next person to receive an Android upgrade. Most of the tablets belonging to the Transformer Pad TF300 line of products are now working with the latest version; the company revealed that Transformer Pad Infinity, MeMO Pad Smart and the regular MeMO Pad will be upgraded during the second quarter of the year.

Sony beat the rest of the manufacturers in the race for the upgrade as some of its devices already run on Android 4.2. Consumers using Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z are already enjoying the additional features that the Jelly Bean brings on their gadgets. Motorola, too, announced the upgrade for Razr D1 and D3 at the beginning of the month.

Samsung, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers at present, did not make the upgrade available to its customers, yet. The company might have been too busy launching the fourth generation of Galaxy smartphones to upgrade its older models. Analysts, however, believe Jelly Bean will arrive by the end of the second quarter keeping users entertained with new features like lock screen widgets, Photo Sphere, Quick Settings panel and Daydream screen saver.

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