The 2012 Presidential Debate Is The Most Tweeted Event Ever

Who could have imagined that the 2012 Presidential debate will set a Twitter record? Last night’s Presidential debate is currently the most tweeted event ever in the history of U.S. politics, with a record-breaking 10.3 million tweets.

Wednesday night the 2012 presidential debate had a lot more viewers than ever imagined. And by the end, one thing became obvious: neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama was the highlight of the evening. Twitter on the other hand became the favorite online destination for millions of people. The 2012 Presidential debate became the most tweeted event ever with 10.3 million tweets within 90 minutes.

Data reads that Americans sent during the presidential debate 158.690 tweets per minute, poking fun at candidates or analyzing their every word. Twitter was on fire when moderator Jim Lehrer told Mitt Romney his time was up with a pretty straightforward choice of words.

“Let me mention the other one. Let’s talk” Mitt Romney tried to push through his time limit, but Jim Lehrer simply replied “Let’s not”. Wednesday’s record breaking presidential debate got Jim Lehrer his very own Twitter handle, SilentJimLehrer. “Lehrer with the ZINGER OF THE NIGHT: Let’s not!” Vanity Fair tweeted.

Twitter users also took viral Romney’s Big Bird comment and the president’s sassy response to Mitt Romney’s attempt to get more time. Mitt Romney explained that on his to-do-list to reduce government spending he has plans to stop the subsidy to PBS. “I’m sorry Jim…I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you too” Mitt Romney announced.

But the best moment of the night was, according to Twitter users, Obama’s sassy reply to Mitt Romney when he interrupted. “I had five seconds before you interrupted me” Obama complained. It was sassy enough to become the best moment of the presidential debate.

One thing is obvious, Americans are more and more connected to politics. Wednesday’s 10.3 million tweets during the debate is a good enough proof. There are hundreds of funny tweets about the 90 minutes Mitt Romney and Obama blasted each other. “Donald Trump has been mentioned. Romney’s only chance now is to mention Latoya Jackson” tweeted user Billy Eichner.

Josh Malina wrote Jim Lehrer should be send “in to resolve this thing between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey”, whereas Mike Drucker posted “I’m going to save America by cutting all the programs that make America worth living in” –Mitt Romney #debate”.

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