Texas Student SmartIDs Contested In Court

A 15-year-old student in Texas is trying to contest the SmartIDs that are used to pinpoint the exact location of pupils. The girl claims the microchip which was embedded on the card contains the “mark of the beast” and this is in contradiction with her Christian beliefs, the Associated Press reports.

The new SmartIDs will be introduced in one of the largest schools in Texas starting this fall. The badges containing the tracking chips give administrators the possibility to determine the location of all their 4,200 students in every moment of the day. However, Andrea Hernandez, a 15-year-old student, refuses to wear the badge because the figure 666 also known as the “mark of the beast” was inscribed on the tracking chip. The girl managed to start a new debate about religion and privacy causing numerous clashes among opposing groups.

Even though Hernandez is the only student who was disturbed by the new badges, the school has taken into account her request and agreed to remove the chip. Yet, the girl still refuses to obey to the rules and wear the badge because her family thinks this is tantamount to “submission of a false god”. The relatives of the 15-year-old student have stated in the court papers that wearing the card indicates that Andrea is supporting the use of the evil SmartID.

A state district judge had been in charge of the lawsuit until now, but the school district requested the case to be transferred to a federal court. The first hearing was supposed to take place on Wednesday, but it was cancelled because the federal court has to decide whether the girl should be moved to a different campus or not.

District spokesman Pascual Gonzalez explained that the monitoring chips are meant to offer increased protection for students, not to supervise them. “Nobody is sitting at a bank of monitors looking for the whereabouts of 3,000 students,” he added. However, the chips enable Gonzalez to find out the exact location of a student in case he ever needs it.

Slanderous tongues, on the other hand, claim Gonzalez’s intentions are driven by financial gains. The funding of the Texan school district is based on daily attendance; thus, administrators can prevent students from missing the roll if they know where they are.

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