Tesla Museum to receive $1 million From Billionaire Elon Musk

Tesla Museum has received an impressive sum of money from billionaire Elon Musk. Musk is the chief executive and product architect at Tesla Motors. 

Well, the museum that Musk wants to support with this sum of money is the Tesla Science Center. The donation comes on what should have been Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday. The news was confirmed in a statement from the museum, which also revealed that Musk wants to install a Tesla supercharging station within this impressive place.

“We’re happy to be gathered at the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, the person we’ve come to celebrate,” an official statement of the museum said. “Thank you, Elon Musk!,” it added.  

The Tesla Museum is now under construction and once it will be completed, it will surely be an amazing project. The museum is said to occupy an area of no less than 16-acre. It will be built at Tesla’s Wardenclyffe laboratory in Shoreham, Long Island. This is actually the place where Tesla started to work at a unique project. The brilliant scientist wanted to develop a technology that would allow everyone to send messages and electricity around the world wirelessly. 

Nicoka Tesla was, without a doubt a genius. It has always been claimed that Tesla was born before his time, as his inventions were so revolutionary that they shocked. Tesla is well known for his work with alternating current and his experiments with X-rays. Numerous of the technologies we use today on regular basis actually were in a way or another developed by Tesla. 

Elon Musk decided to make this important donation at the request of one of his best friends, Matthew Inman, the creator of Web comic The Oatmeal. Inman has always shown interest in this project, as he has always been a Tesla fan. In fact, Inman is such a great fan that he even created an online comic strip that argued that Tesla is the greatest geek who ever lived. 

Without a doubt, Tesla has millions of fans all around the world. Most likely, many people will be interested in visiting this museum, once it opens.

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