Tesla Model X revealed

CNET announces that the new Tesla Model X produced by Tesla Motors was released on Friday. Although it is a green car, this vehicle was endowed with as many options as a regular car giving owners a unique and relaxing driving experience.

The new model is a cross between a minivan and SUV which was provided with the so-called “falcon wing” doors. The thing that you will love the most about Model X is the fact that even though it is an eco-friendly car, it has a new electric all-wheel drive system.

The vehicle will be available late next year, but customers who are interested in purchasing the car may begin to place reservations. The price will range somewhere between $55,000 to $75,000 before tax incentives and rebates.

Among the luxury features that Tesla has is also the powertrain, which was built around the flat battery pack and extends from the front to the rear wheels of the car. Thanks to the powertrain, the center of gravity is placed at a very low level; thus, making the car more spacious and more manageable.

Unlike other green cars which are very small, Tesla X was provided with seven seats. This doesn’t mean that passengers will feel uncomfortable during the ride as journalists who have tested it claim it is incredibly spacious. In fact, they were able to easily get inside and outside the car even when the three rows of seats were occupied by seven adults and their luggage.

During the unveiling of the Model X in Los Angeles, Tesla Motors announced that they plan to use the same platform for other variants. According to Musk, the company will also produce a “mass market” electric vehicle with a lower price. For the moment, Tesla is more preoccupied of executing its business plan without making any mistakes.

Fisker Automotive, one of the strongest competitors of Tesla, experienced many delays before it was finally able to bring out its Fisker Karma luxury electric car. As a consequence, Fisker is now forced to lay off workers and renegotiate its Department of Energy loan because it was not able to observe the provisions of the contract.

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