Terry Angel Mason’s Inspirational HIV Message

HIV and AIDS might have shifted out of focus with the spike in cancer rates, but that doesn’t mean the problem just disappeared. In fact, HIV and AIDS remain a threat in today’s society and the lack of treatment makes life the more challenging for patients. At a recent dedicated event, Terry Angel Mason delivered an inspirational HIV message.

Although it is a longtime problem throughout the world and the United States, the awareness campaigns still haven’t touch ground with the public. Many still have a hard time making the difference between HIV and AIDS. Prevention is always the rule of thumb when it comes to staying healthy, but some might take it to extreme lengths.

Author and activist Terry Angel Mason was present earlier this month at a meeting of the Black Women’s Network’s Health Fair. His inspirational HIV message was the centerpiece of the event that was held at California’s Inglewood Rogers Park Auditorium. Much in relation to the book he authored, “They Say That I Am Broken”, the speech talked about several health aspects impacting black women today.

A big part of the speech was his message pertaining to HIV and AIDS patients. Terry Angel Mason, an AIDS patient himself, talked about prevention measures that would keep partners safe. “HIV/AIDS is having a devastating impact on Black women in Los Angeles and around the world” said the author.

“Many women don’t know the status of their partners, and simply aren’t protecting themselves consistently. Education and getting tested is vital to stopping the spread of this disease” said activist Terry Angel Mason. His goal, he added, is “to inspire, motivate and encourage Black women to get tested and to know the status of all of their partners”.

During the conference, the author raised awareness of the spike in new HIV infections over the past few years within the African-American community. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office says that one in four new infections impact women and out of three cases, two are African-American women.

Mason’s inspirational message reads: “HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that won’t end until we arm ourselves with the right knowledge and smart actions. Knowing your HIV status is key to stopping the spread of this preventable disease.

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