Terrell Owens Might Go To Jail

One more strike and wide receiver Terrell Owens might go to jail. The former NFL player is looking at actual time behind bars he missed out on child support payments again or misses out a court date.

Atlanta WSB-TV says that Terrell Owens owes his ex-wife Melanie Smith, $20,000 in child support for their seven-year-old daughter. According to Melanie Smith, the agreement with Owens was to have him pay $5,000 a month for child support but missed out several times now to make the payment.

Rumors are Owens might be that broke. Earlier this year he said he almost wasted the $80 million he made during his NFL career. However, just this May the wide receiver told Dr. Phil he is not broke, although he made some pretty bad investments and had significant setbacks in his career.

Melanie Smith’s attorney Randy Kessler told Atlanta’s local WSB-TV: “It’s a tragedy, not only that we are here today. This is the third case she has had to file in the last year”. But Terrell Owens missed more than a few months’ worth of child support. He also did not show in Judge’s John Goger court.

David Hartin, the wide receiver’s attorney, excused his client based on poor communication. The court rescheduled the trial for July 19th. However, Terrell Owens faces a bigger issue. If he fails to show up in court a third time he will go to jail.

This Wednesday, Terrell Owens didn’t seem like he was concerned about his hearing that much. He was seen at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in California. Trainer Travelle Gaines and NFL player Hank Baskett opened together the Performance Gaines and Owens was on the guest list.

Problems started long ago for Terrell Owens, but as of this year his financial issues become much more urgent. This late May, the 38-year-old wide receiver was fired by Allen Wrangles. However, recently Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, hinted Owens “could help someone”.

The NFL wide receiver then said Jerry Jones is “a great guy”. “It goes beyond just the football relationship. I think he’s done that not only with myself, he’s done that with a number of his players”. “You think about t he Troys, the Emmitts the Michaels, Charles Haley. These relationships continue to go on even when football stops” he added.

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