Teresa Giudice calls Melissa Gorga the devil and a bitch

A quick peek to the following episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reveals  Teresa Giudice calling Melissa Gorga the devil and a bitch. Giudice ‘s potty mouth also turned to Caroline Manzo, calling her pathetic and liar.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Bravo show is at a boiling point. One of the housewives, Teresa Giudice, appears to have transformed into a dragon spitting fire all over the place, burning other housewives with her acid tongue. She called Caroline Manzo “ pathetic” and “a freaking liar” after Manzo said that Giudice had no plans to make up with her brother.

Caroline Manzo wasn’t the only target of the brunette. Teresa recently released a cookbook named “Fabulicious”, in which she mentions several aspects in the life of her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, which are not very complimentary. The book naturally caused friction between the two. Now, Giudice calls Gorga “the devil” and “a bitch.”

No longer than a week ago, real housewife Jacqueline Laurita jumped in the defense of Gorga, after Giudice started rumors about a supposed stripper career that Melissa had before marrying. She called Giudice “scum” on Twitter. She revealed that, in fact, Teresa had a plan to destroy the image of Gorga and that she also tried to trash her several times. “There is even a lot more to the story that will eventually come out”, Laurita added. Days after, news stated that Laurita and Manzo were asked by Bravo to leave the show because they do not add drama to RHONJ. “Jacqueline and Caroline were told months ago that they wouldn’t be returning for a 5th season if they didn’t create more drama,” a source revealed. When Bravo tried to spice things up and revealed all that the wives have said about one another, the two have kept their cool on TV, but started a war on Twitter. That was not the result Bravo had hoped for.

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  1. First Melissa called Teresa the Devil.. Look at you, you look like the Devile… or something very close to that. Then Teresa says look at you, your the one in red,… calls Melissa EXACTLY what she herseld called Teresa. Then Teresa gives her trademark “howbout B*T*CH, is that better?” … Gotta giver Tre credit for trying not to cuss them out. .. Look they ganged up on Teresa, they are a bunch of bullys. They have trashed her all season and all have been two faced since Melissa came on. The show stinks now. I feel bad for lose friendships

  2. I am proud of Teresa too!! Caroline is a bully. Teresa DEFENDED herself!! The sole reason Bravo brought on her sister in law and cousin was to try to destroy Teresa.

  3. I am not a fan of Teresaat all but MElissa is not helpinmg brother and sister to get along. I think that MElissa plays the victim and that enfuriates TEresa who is match about to light up at all times.
    Poor Gorja parents , their kids ended up with the wrong crowd.
    I will be so sad to see my only 2 kids hating each other because of the nobodies that came to the family.
    About CAroline, she is fake and a bully.

    She knows it all and knows nothing at the end.

  4. I feel so bad for Teresa, i think they are all ganging up on her just like everybody did to Danielle (which Danielle did enough to deserve that) but Teresa was like their family and as soon as Melissa and Kathy joined the show, Teresas friends who called her their family turned their backs on her and got involved in her family business and feuds and then just sided with Teresas family and even are friends with them now.
    Can you imagine how upset Teresa is feeling, she is fighting and yelling because everybody is just against her and i would do the same if everybody in the room was against me.
    From season 1 the Lauritas and Manzos have been saying how much of a family teresa is to them, they would all joke and tease one another but thats what they do and i never saw anybody get offended.
    All of a sudden kathy and melissa come on the show and the lauritas and manzos get offended at everything teresa is saying.
    If Teresa wanted to hurt them in her book why would she put a picture of caroline there? I dont think you would add that in your book if you didnt like her. If anybody hasnt noticed Teresa just says what she thinks, what you see is what you get. If she doesnt like something she will say it, now that is somebody that would say something bad to your face.
    I just think that if you see somebody as your family and friend, you sit and talk to them and tell them when they are hurting you and try fix it. Not gang up on her, get involved in her business and then just become close friends with her cousins and sister in laws.
    Just shows that they are not really true friends. From season 1 they all were so close and even went to Italy with their families. It was a great show to watch.
    But now its like upsetting to see Teresas friends just turn on her that way. Its just weird to me that as soon as Melissa came along, everything just went upside down!
    And for Caroline and Jacqueline to be all of a sudden best friends with kathy and Melissa? LIke i feel its wrong, ok be friends but they just seem like they will say soon “ohhh u r like family”.
    I dont know, im not saying if Teresa purposely tried to hurt Melissa its right, its not, but same time thats what you have friends (that r like ur family) to sit you down and tell you what they think ur doing wrong, not sell you out on twitter and then just gang up on you with the people you are having problems with. You can see that secretly Melissa is loving that. Kathy is not like that, i think she just wants peace with everybody, just love her!
    I love all the ladies individually on the show, but i dont necessary agree with all the overreactions and arguements happening that could b avoided.
    And we dont know maybe all this is happening because Bravo is forcing the ladies to fight and bring up bad situations to fight?

  5. It’s sad to watch emotional carnage occur …the show is just as bad as Jerry Springer is/was. The only difference being the housewives are paid for the loss of their dignity on national tevision. The greatest tragedy of this us to Gianna, my heart breaks to see the pain she is enduring…it is constant emotional damage during very formative years of a young girl’s life. What kind of price tag do you put on that???? I’m amazed Child Protective Services hasn’t stepped in….is this reality…or is it acting??? I can’t watch it anymore. It offends my sensitivities to human worth ….and Theresa is seeiouy NPD (Narcistic Personality Disorder) and needs professional help before she is driven to some desperate state….like what happened on RHBH…really Bravo may be laughing their way to the bank but they have no more moral fiber than the promoters of the arenas pitting lions against Christians as a spectator event. This is civilized society ???? For shame.

  6. Yup, the pro-Teresa comments definitely sound like they came out of her own mouth. Wouldn’t be surprised if she paid people to say theses things. Their logic is just as twisted as hers.

  7. Teresa needs some help. 1ST-take an English refresher course, that may help you to look a little smarter than you do. 2nd-don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house, of course she probably wouldn’t get that. 3rd- LISTEN! I mean really LISTEN….you talk so damn much, you don’t hear anyone but yourself. Go home and pray about your pittiful self.

  8. Teresa wasn’t definitely this season’s “straw man” (or woman) to be bullied by the rest of the crew, except for Jacqueline. Clearly, her sister-in-law is a jealous snot, and her brother behaved like a gorilla at his own son’s christening. I can’t say anything positive about Caroline Manzo. She should save her sanctimonious BS for her “advice radio show.”

  9. I felt for Teresa in the beginning of the season..while not the sharpest tool in the shed it seemed as though she was being treated very unfairly by her brother and Melissa in the season opener..well as the season wore on we all got to see exactly why that outburst occurred-while they are all emotionally stunted and dysfunctional-Teresa takes the cake with her childish, hater, catty attitude. She seems to not be able to stand to see anyone else do well or be happy. She bashes everyone for every possible thing she can think of. She showed her true colors this season and while Melissa did start out looking like a bitch herself-Teresa took the cake with her inability to reel in her trash talking about everyone. You can tell Melissa does not care much for Teresa, but at least she doesn’t verbally go after her every chance she gets. Teresa is a sick and twisted soul and I hope she seeks Therapy before she ruins her childrens’ lives completely. NOT A FAN OF TERESA!

  10. The Chrstmas episode of the Housewives just PROVED exactly what Teresa was talking about with the Money Grabbing Princess Melissa!!! I cannot believe that bitch just got her ROLEX and then when Joey took her downstairs to show her the other surprise. the BITCH had the nerve to complain that there was NO BLING on the microphone!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! Are you freekin kidding me you hoe!!! She is totally using him…I AN”T stand her!!!!TERESA DON’T STOP BELIEVING THAT THIS ONE IS TRASH MARRIED TO YOUR BROTHER.;…YOU ARE RIGHT ON THE MARK GIRLFRIEND!!! Melissa you are trailer trash!!!! Karma BEATCH

  11. Lets start with Teresa’s gorilla hair line, and work our way down to her lights are on but no one’s home eyes, then we can move to her disgusting unintelligent conversation that spews from her very deformed mouth. Bravo, you should be held accountable, Bravo you are wrong showing evil women like Teresa to impressionable people who might in some misguided moment believe that its ok to behave exaclty like Teresa. She is a disgrace, an embarrassment and she should go back to school, learn how to speak proper English and then go to Nanny school so she can learn to discipline those lice infested nasty little daughters she spawned.

    She is evil and a complete and utter waste of space!

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