Tennessee Customers Vandalize McDonald’s For Inaccurate Order

Two Tennessee customers got really mad because their McDonald’s order was inaccurate and decided to vandalize the restaurant, says the Inquisitr. According to police officers, the two suspects threw pieces of concrete through the drive-through window and several employees were injured.

We all tend to get a little bit angry whenever our orders get messed up, but we prefer to close an eye and be more specific the next time we buy something. Unlike us, two customers in Tennessee, Slate and Mosey, wanted to teach McDonald’s a lesson, so they vandalized the restaurant when they realized that their order was wrong.

According to the employees of the restaurant, the two men requested two cheeseburger menus and left home to eat them. Minutes later, they returned to the restaurant and attacked the drive-through window by throwing pieces of concrete at it. One of the employees suffered various lacerations to the hand, whereas the manager of the local fast food shop was struck in the leg. They also tossed bricks through the front door of the eatery.

Police officers interrogated the two suspects and found out that they were very upset because they were forced to pay for something they did not want. They tried to ignore the situation and they went home to consume the two burgers and to drink beer. Try as they might, their anger did not go away, so Slate and Mosey agreed to return to the eatery and get their revenge for the money they had paid.

The reputation of the fast food chain has been severely damaged since the beginning of the year. Last week, a restaurant was closed after a man found a fried insect in his hashbrown. The photo that the man posted on the Internet determined other unsatisfied customers to complain about the quality of the McDonald’s food.

Police officers in Tennessee showed up at the vandalized eatery as soon as employees called them and arrested the two customers. Slate and Mosey have been released on bond, but they are now waiting for the court’s decision.


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