Televangelist Rod Parsley Scares Tim Tebow Away

It’s not every day that a quarterback gets to hold a speech at a revival, as Christian and committed to religion he might be. Tim Tebow was suppose to give a speech at an event organized by controversial televangelist Rod Parsley, but Denver Broncos’ quarterback decided to cancel his talk. Wonder how televangelist Rod Parsley scared Tim Tebow away?

On Wednesday, Tim Tebow’s brother came to the press saying that the speech will be canceled. Robbie Tebow, acting as the quarterback’s rep, said that his brother’s speakers’ bureau didn’t know to what they were committing. It seems that the speakers’ bureau didn’t take the time to research the event, Tim Tebow was asked to talk.

During a phone interview, Robbie Tebow officially announced the cancelation of the event. “I know for a fact that Tim is not going to be a part of it. That’s being resolved”. But, things don’t seem to be that easy.

Mark Youngkin is a spokesman for Rod Parsley and according to his statement, Tim Tebow had signed a contract with the event organizers. He tried to put more pressure on the quarterback in an attempt to make him change his mind, saying that on Tuesday the national advertising for the event was approved.

It seems that the quarterback was asked to talk at a three day Columbus event in March, a revival  called “Contending for the Faith Weekend” organized by the controversial televangelist Rod Parsley. Tim Tebow became Rod Parsley’s target both for his popularity and dedication to the Christian religion.

Rod Parsley is one of the most popular televangelist in the U.S. at the moment, and that’s likely due to the controversy around him. The Washington Post writes that Rod Parsley “teaches that God wants the faithful to be rich”. As a matter of fact, just last year, “he asked followers to donate more than $1 million to ward off satanic attacks”.

Parsley is also famous and under scrutiny for a statement he made during the 2008 presidential campaign. Republican Senator John McCain had to disown an endorsement from Parsley after the media found out the televangelist called Islam an “anti-Christ religion”.

McCain said: “I believe there is no place for that kind of dialogue in America …and I reject his endorsement”.

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  1. If he doesn’t want to be there then I wouldn’t want to listen to what he had to say. For Tim to sign a contract and then back out of a promise does nothing but create more controversy and division within the church. With behavior like this in the church-No wonder the world looks at Christians and laugh.

  2. Tim Tebow’s loss I guess. I just lost a little respect for him after agreeing to something and then backing out. Of course I don’t know what he found that caused him to decide not to go either. But your word is your word. If you can’t abide by a contract than what is your word worth?

    I look forward to hearing great results from the conference and support Pastor Parsley and Kenneth Copeland in the endeavour.

    As to John McCain, of course this is place for dialogue about Islam being an Anti-Christ religion. That’s what it is. All endorsement of Christ is an endorsement against Islam and all endorsement of Islam is an endorsement against Christ. Both sides are seeking opposite agendas and one is mutually exclusive of the other. In the days to come everyone on the planet will have to choose a side… choose wisely.

  3. Good for Tim Tebow… Rod Parsley and preachers like him have ruined the view of true Christianity. His followers think they are doing things in the name of Jesus.. but its in the name of Rod! Hopefully this will make people think before they follow blindly ..like Tebow almost did. I’ve been to his church, and at the time I got caught up too.. but that’s not how Jesus acts… and no one can show me in the Bible where he did!

  4. Really people? You think less of Tim or lost respect because he changed his mind? Really? He’s human and can change his mind if he wants to, at least he ‘cancelled’ instead of just not showing up. Everyone has changed their mind at some point or another with or without a contract.

    Ken/Darrell seem to me you are more concerned about Tim’s cancellation instead of the purpose of the conference.

    I choose God side! I don’t look onto man but unto Jesus Christ the author and finisher of my faith 🙂

  5. Just gained ALOT more respect and interest in Tebow!YAY and praise God for people that take stands on FALSE christianity!I pray that God continues to raise up genuine and sincere men and women of God!The false and the arrogant,money hungry and proud are ruining the label Christianity so much that it makes me not wanna call myself a christian because of the views people outside of Christianity have of us!So I will stick with the label God seeker!Nver can seek or know enough about Him.Again,so proud of Tebow and THANK YOU for taking a stand!This ministry and ministries similar have done enough damage!

  6. A man like Tebow shall always be guided by the Holy Spirit. One should be careful , I believe, with preachers of material prosperity. As Jesus said,” foxes have holes and birds have nests, but he ( and of course his followers) have nothing for their heads to rest on.”

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