Telegram Becomes a Popular Rival to WhatsApp

Following the impressive Facebook purchase of WhatsApp, the popularity of the app’s rival Telegram has increased amazingly. 

Actually, many reports show now that some people have actually turned to the use of Telegram after the official announcement on the purchase of WhatsApp with no less than $19 billion. 

On Sunday, WhatsApp registered the biggest outage in years, while many users seem to have switched to Telegram. This means that the messaging app actually added millions of new users on Sunday, its popularity growing spectacularly in just one day. 

While numerous people downloaded the app over the weekend, it became the number 4 most downloaded app in the App Store on Sunday. The company confirmed that millions of new users have registered to the app. 

The reaction that this great number of WhatsApp users had at this moment is quite interesting. The purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook has been announced last week. On Sunday afternoon, WhatsApp registered a problem, which caused the app to be unusable for hours. 

This might be the reason why many people have turned to the use of Telegram. The outage that lasted 3 hours has boosted the downloads of Telegram, which announced on Twitter that the company added 4.95 million users just on Sunday. 

It is clear that the WhatsApp outage has been the one that caused this reaction from users, but it is interesting that it all happened now when the app has been purchased by Facebook in a record deal. It is not clear yet if users have returned to the use of WhatsApp when it became functional or the almost 5 million people who downloaded Telegram on Sunday prefer this app now. 

Telegram was created by Nikolai and Pavel Durov. The two brothers became famous for their work at VK, Russia’s largest social network. According to its founders, Telegram is not similar to WhatsApp, but it actually tries to be unique by emphasizing the security and speed of the service it offers to clients. 

Nikolai and Pavel Durov claimed that they actually have absolutely no interest in making money from this app. So, they accept no plans on selling the app and they don’t charge users for using it. 

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