Teen wife Courtney Stodden booed out from pumpkin patch

Courtney Stodden, the teen wife of actor Doug Hutchinson, was literally kicked out from a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles because of her low cleavage. Stodden, 17 and Hutchinson 51, came to “Dr. Drew’s Life Changers” Show on Wednesday to clear things out.

You can’t just like Courtney Stodden. You either hate her or you love her. And with the Halloween approaching and the kids going trick or treating around the neighborhood, she may gain more haters than fans. At least, this is the conclusion we can reach after the latest pumpkin patch mess she has been a part of. Her cleavage had a lot to do with it. According to the story of Doug, they went to a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles and it wasn’t long before people started staring. “A lot of the kids thought she was like this pumpkin patch princess”, he said into his wife’s defense. Apparently, the parents were not mistaking her with a princess at all. Her clothes were not actually mother-friendly. But Courtney says that she wasn’t the only one wearing sexy clothing. “And their cleavage was hanging out quite a bit!”

Eventually, the couple began being booed and had to leave the grounds of the L.A. pumpkin patch. Hutchinson said they managed to buy a few pumpkins before leaving.

During the interview in the show, Courtney stayed true to her fashion style, wearing a Barbie-pink dress, and showing a lot of cleavage.

Earlier this month, Courtney’s Facebook profile was taken down after the admin received several reports on the inadequate photos of the blonde.  Hours after the ban, she posted a Twitter message including a sexy photo and a text saying “Too sexy for Facebook?”. Her mother believed that it was the jealous women whose husbands leave messages on her daughter’s page that reported the photos. Shortly after, her Facebook account was restored, with apologies.

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