Tea Leoni and Husband David Duchovny Are Getting Divorced

It seems that things could no longer work between Tea Leoni and her husband David Duchovny. The two stars announced that they will be getting divorced. 

The divorce news was quite unexpected, as Tea Leoni and David Duchovny are separating after no less than 17 years of marriage. A source told People that the two stars actually separated a few months ago. The former couple filed the divorce papers in June. 

TMZ reported that the reason for the legal separation was filed as “an irretrievable breakdown.” Tea and David have two children together, Kyd Miller and Madeline West. Apparently, Tea will have the primary physical custody of the couple’s children, although the two actors share joint legal custody. David Duchovny will pay around $8000 a month in child support. Moreover, he will have to pay no less than $40,000 in spousal support. It seems that David Duchovny will also be responsible with the expenses with summer camps or private schools

Even though the couple seemed to be doing fine in the past few months, the fact that they divorced is not that shocking after all. Tea and David have been having marital problems for quite some time. In fact, they first separated in 2008. Back then it had been claimed that the problems of the two were actually linked to David’s issues with sex addiction. In 2008, David Duchovny entered rehab for this problem. After that, the couple reconciled. 

However, they separated once again in 2011. Apparently, the two managed to make their relationship work again and they reconciled for the second time. Now, they decided to finally put an end to their marriage. The couple wedded in 1997.  Both Tea Leoni and David Duchovny are widely known actors. The couple seemed to have a solid marriage for many years. However, scandal broke in 2008, when it had been revealed that David sufferers from sex addiction problems. The actor sought treatment for this problem the same year. 

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