Taylor Swift to Marry Calvin Harris

One of the most powerful couples in music at the moment, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, are said to be willing to wed. The new rumor emerged after it has previously been said that Taylor and Calvin were thinking about breaking up. 

The wedding news were first reported by In Touch Weekly, which claimed that Taylor and Calvin were planning on getting married soon. Another report by the Mirror said that Calvin was spotted shopping for jewelry back in September. This made everyone believe that the famous musician was thinking about proposing to Taylor. 

Then, some sources indicated that Calvin was thinking how to make the best proposal to his beautiful girlfriend and of course, he wanted it to be as special as possible. “He said he wanted something very special for Taylor,” an insider said. “He was asking about the best cuts and eyed a ring that was worth $1.4 million. He was clearly eager to get the perfect rock, no matter the cost!”

Well, the fact that Calvin might have purchased a wedding ring was not the only thing speculated. It has also been claimed that the musician might have moved in with his famous girlfriend. As imagined, the pair has not talked about these rumors. 

But, the wedding proposal and the moving in rumors were also contradicted by some breakup rumors. So, some reports said that Tylor and Calvin have grown apart after the musician was spotted leaving a Thai massage parlor. Some rumors went to say that Calvin was actually having an affair with one of the employees there. Others indicated that Taylor and Calvin stopped being affectionate with each other in public, indicating that their dates seem to be more like business meetings. 

Now, it seems that the pair is planning their wedding and they don’t want anyone to find out. This made some say that Taylor actually wants to talk to Jennifer Aniston and take some advice from her on how to pull the perfect secret wedding. Jennifer managed to marry her boyfriend Justin Theroux without the media finding out. 

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