Taylor Swift Pays for all Dates and Trips

There is no doubt in the fact that the relationship between famous singer Taylor Swift and Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston continues to create a series of headlines. Numerous rumors are constantly linked to the two and it surely seems that they are the celebrity couple of the moment. Well, the latest rumors seem to indicate that Taylor has actually been paying all expenses associated to her and her boyfriend’s outings. 

Well, this latest report claimed that Taylor actually has absolutely no problem with this and in fact she likes to pay for everything, as “it makes her the boss.” The news was first reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, which claimed that Taylor has been taking care of all the bills associated to her dates and expensive trips with Tom. 

“Taylor and Tom never debate who’s paying. She just has an assistant handle every check after they leave. He never gets to see a check. She has an advance team that books everything and puts it on her company credit cards,” a source told the celebrity site. “She is very controlling and if she pays she gets to make all the decisions. She decides when they fly, where they stay and even what they eat. Taylor likes paying because it makes her the boss,” the same insider added. 

Well, Taylor and Tom have not directly talked about these claims, but a source told Gossip Cop that the report is complexly untrue. Meanwhile, another report from People claimed that Taylor and Tom are doing great together and they like to spend as much time as possible in each other’s company. 

“They spent quiet nights at Taylor’s home and she seemed very happy that he spent time in LA with her,” a source revealed. During one of their dates out, eyewitnesses claimed that the pair was holding hands and looked happy. “They were very relaxed, polite and very pleasant,” a source claimed. The source also said that since they started dating, Taylor and Tom have barely been apart because they “are they happiest when they are together.” 

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