Taylor Swift Not Doing Well following Calvin Harris Separation

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift ended their romance and it seems that things have not been simple for the young singer. In fact, some rumors actually indicated that Taylor Swift was really “devastated” because of the separation from Calvin Harris. Furthermore, insiders said that Taylor just wanted Calvin back. 

So, even though Calvin and Taylor have not confirmed this, multiple sources have claimed that the two stars ended their 15-month relationship. Now, an insider allegedly close to Taylor said that the singer was not doing well at all. The source said that she was really heartbroken and devastated and that Taylor wanted Calvin to change his mind and get back together. 

“She is devastated over it all and really wishes he would change his mind,” the insider claimed according to Hollywood Life. However, the insider gave no further details. Still, it has emerged that Taylor has lately spent some time with her family, in Nashville, where she got support from her family and her childhood bestie. 

The reason of the separation has not been revealed at this point, so why Taylor and Calvin ended things remains a mystery. Still, some insiders said that Calvin was the one who put an end to the romance, just because things stopped working between him and Taylor. Well, now, some sources claimed that the real reason why Taylor and Calvin ended their relationship is given by the fact that the singer wanted to get married and the DJ was not ready to settle down. 

“Taylor was starting to pressure Calvin into walking down the aisle and he just felt that he wasn’t ready yet,” a source said. “He’s still, and always will be, career-focused and doesn’t want to settle down just yet.” If these rumors will be confirmed or not is something yet to be found out. 

However, meanwhile it seems that Taylor and Calvin’s fans are not happy at all with the news. Many fans took to social media to express their frustration and claim that they were really sad because they believed that Calvin and Taylor were meant to be together.

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