Taylor Swift is Top Money Maker on Billboard

Country singer Taylor Swift has been named the top money maker on Billboard, in 2014. This is the second time when the star receives such an honor.

The young singer even managed to top successful stars such as Kenny Chesney, Justin Timberlake and The Rolling Stones. Mostly, the profits from her highly appreciated album Red, have helped Taylor get the first spot on this top. 

It has been revealed that Red has brought Taylor Swift no less than $39.7 million, back in 2013. The second spot on this money making Billboard top was occupied by Kenny Chesney, who managed to make $33 million. Justin Timberlake made $31.5 million, while Bon Jovi got the fourth spot with $29.4 million. 

The Rolling Stones did not make it to top three, but occupied the fifth place with $26.2 million. Other singers who were featured in top 10 are Beyonce, Maroon 5, who earned $22.2 million, Luke Bryan, $22.1 million, Pink, $20 million, and Fleetwood Mac, $19.1 million. Beyonce was expected to be at least on top 3, but it seems that the famous singer was not able to achieve that this year. 

Beyonce surprised her fans releasing a new album in December, 2013. The star made $24 million from her music over the year. Her last album has been a huge success, so far. It accounted more than 1.6 million in sales, which is surely great. The album actually debuted directly on no. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. 

Last year Madonna was number one on this top, but the famous singer did not even make it to the list in 2014. The list is made by Billboard taking into account only the sales that come from music revenue, including here touring, as well as physical and digital music sales. For instance, Taylor Swift made the biggest part of the above mentioned sum from touring. 

Taylor Swift likes to focus on her music and it seems that her dedication is paying off. It is yet to see if the young singer will be able to achieve such a great success this year, as well.

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