Taylor Swift is Doing Well following Calvin Harris’ Split

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may no longer be a couple, but it seems that the famous singer is doing fine. So, several reports have indicated that Taylor Swift was not doing bad at all, despite the split.

The reason of their separation was not revealed, although a series of reports talked about a wide range of reasons that could have determined the two to put an end of their romance. 

Recently, a Star magazine report indicated that Taylor and Calvin separated because Calvin refused to move in with the talented singer.

“Taylor and Calvin’s breakup is coming after a lengthy back and forth about moving in together,” an insider reportedly told Star magazine. “She started suggesting they make the move… but the conversation went south because Calvin was hesitant,” the same source added. 

Calvin went to dismiss the rumors on the reasons of the separation, through a statement posted on Twitter. “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect,” the star shared. 

Well, while some seem to believe that it is quite easy for Taylor to cope with the fact that her romance to Calvin Harris has ended, others claimed that the young singer actually cannot believe that she and Calvin are no longer a couple. Some insiders even claimed that Taylor is “torn apart” because of the separation. 

“She believed Calvin was ‘The One’. This was it as far as she was concerned. She can’t believe it’s over,” one insider, allegedly, a close friend of the singer claimed. The friend also revealed that Taylor actually knew that Calvin was not happy, but she believed that it was all due to his very busy schedule. Furthermore, the source said that Taylor was pretty sure that her boyfriend was going to propose to her. 

“She’s so heartbroken. She understands how difficult it is being with someone so high profile, but she thought he had a handle on it. But apparently not,” the insider concluded. Of course, Taylor and Calvin have not confirmed these rumors.

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