Taylor Swift is Dating Calvin Harris

Rumors indicated that famous musicians Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating. In fact, the pair has been linked for quite some time now, as in the past few weeks a series of rumors alleged that there might be something going on between the two. 

Now, new rumors indicate that Taylor and Calvin were actually spotted kissing. It seems that the two are really a couple and it surely seems that they are not trying to hide their romance. Taylor recently performed at a concert in Nashville and when she finished her stage performance she met her rumored boyfriend. The couple was then seen holding hands. Moreover, reports indicated that the pair left the concert together, holding hands and kissing. 

Previously, the two were seen at a supermarket. The pair wore matching outfits during their day of shopping and looked very cute together. Reports indicated that the pair met through some mutual friends and they are just much into each other. Allegedly, this happened at the 2015 Brit Awards last month, when Taylor actually won the International Female honor. After about two weeks of long-distance communication, Taylor went to Las Vegas to watch Calvin perform. 

Moreover, reports alleged that Calvin wanted to see Taylor so much that he sent his private jet to pick up the beautiful star. Sources said that the two get along very well, as they actually have an important thing in common: their love for music and their dedication to their musical career. Actually, some insiders claimed that Calvin and Taylor are actually going to work together. 

So, it has been said that the pair decided to release a new single. Sources said that Calvin is absolutely charmed by the beautiful star and he wants to take her career to the next level by featuring her on one of his upcoming songs. On the other hand, Taylor is very excited with this idea and she thinks that a collaboration would be amazing. Moreover, sources close to the star said that Taylor is excited about getting into the studio with Calvin. It is yet to see if the rumors will turn out being true and what the pair will release. 

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